Thursday, April 1, 2010

mini albums using the Bind-it-All

A cool tool that has joined my scrapbooking shelf: the Bind-it-all
I purchased this at the end of last summer & have enjoyed putting together several little projects for friends & family. Though the mini albums aren't perfect, they're special because they came from the heart & the books record precious memories. With the Bind-it-All you can create your own style, size & type of mini albums, which makes it fun & flexible for quick projects. I have seen amazing things done with this tool; one of these days I will be a little bit more "pro" with using it, but for now, I'm having fun playing! :)

-The most recent album I created using my Bind-it-All was for a girlfriend of mine who had a baby last year. I collected & printed my favorite pictures from the first 6 months of his life & included them in the thick creation you see below. I did make a front & back cover using chipboard (Tressa & her patient & precise little hands helped to make the sweet window & the covers! Thanks again! :))

This album was started & finished during our scrapbooking weekend. (I had done all the prep work prior to the weekend.) Brads, rub-ons, stickers, patterned paper, was all used. I used very simple & basic journaling in this album, recording birth day facts, how old he was in each picture, & main event titles. At the very back, I left an embellished space on cardstock for "mama" to write a note to her son on special memories from his first 6 months.

First page

- A childhood girlfriend of mine got married last year, so as a last minute happy I put together a mini album of a few favorite pictures of us growing up together & some recorded thoughts on now & then.

(The night before I had gotten married, she rang the doorbell to my mom's house & handed me a precious pink little spiral mini album she had put together for me with pictures from us when were preschool, elementary & jr high/highschool age. I remember how much that meant to me..she knew how important pictures/memories were to me and wanted to do something special. I still keep that album in a basket with other mini albums, pictures, etc. & pull it out frequently when I want to reminisce. :) )

I wanted to do something like that for her too! Once again, it was simple using new & old materials, and I had so much fun creating it! My mom wrote a short little poem for one of the dance pages from when we were little. There was more journaling in this one...I wanted to include "remember when's..." On the very back page was a single picture with a long note. I can be quite long-winded sometimes. :)

*The pink paper next to the album was actually a cd case that I created to hold the cd I had made from the weekend. I used simple rub-ons, adhesive & flowers with brads. It was a fun way to dress the packaging up a little!

-This was the very first album I created (last fall) using my Bind-it-All. It was a simple album made for my sister (in law) to help her document a few important & special memories from her first official year of teaching. The album itself wasn't one of my better ones, but at least it's a place for her to document a few fun memories...and I had a fun time experimenting with my new tool! :) Several of the pages were just blank (the cute patterned paper stood on its own) with the idea for her to place random pictures, tickets, memorabilia, etc. on them.

*I used an acrylic cover for this project
So, if you're into creating little mini books, the Bind-it-All would be a fun tool for you to add to your shelf! I'm happy with mine & look forward to making some fun summer projects with it! :)

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