Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adventures at the MN Zoo

In the last several weeks we have utilized our MN Zoo Membership, where we can now not only view the indoor exhibits, but also explore the outdoor fun! During the month of April a temporary exhibit, "Farm Animals," is there for members to enjoy. I think we have visited it at least 3 times already!

Parker has fed the goats, pet the cows, posed as a chicken (he loves to do this for whatever reason!), felt the soft fur of bunny rabbits, & learned the process of milking a cow. Along with all that fun, he has viewed so many more interesting the Russian Grizzly Bears. We saw some exciting action last week when we toured. Two of the grizzly's were wrestling & romping & in the water; it created quite the attraction to tourists.

Parker & Bella taking a turn posing on the tractor on the outskirts of "the farm."
We're looking forward to more fun at the zoo this week & in the upcoming months this year! There are always great adventures awaiting us! :)

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