Friday, March 11, 2011

our 5 month cutie!

(Photos taken by Carrie on March 5, 2011)

Love your chunky thighs
Love your contageous dimples
Love how your face lights up when you hear my voice
Love how you squeal when I sing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or how calm you get when I sing "Jesus Loves You" to you
Love your bald little head (although in the past week and a half you've started growing a little bit more hair!)
Love your bright, blue eyes
Love hearing your sweet laughs

Love how you look in your simple white onesies
Love how easy going you are
Love watching you play with your toes that you discovered a couple of weeks ago
Love how enthusiastic you get when I put your bib on you when it's time to eat your big boy food
Love how you like your rice cereal, bananas and carrots...I'm still trying to figure out how much you need; we're starting green beans tomorrow and are trying something new every 3 days)
Love how your strong little personality is starting to show (well, most of the time)...when I'm trying to get you to eat(nurse) and you are insisting you're done, you arch your back, turn your head to the other side of the room and throw your arms out...silently, but very confidently...Clay walked by the other day to actually witness it for the first time and bust out laughing
Love how you are mesmorized when you watch your older brother
Love snuggling you

Love how you like to we've just got to get you out of swaddling mode (which might make for a few sleepless nights!) is first experiment
Love how alert and happy you are when you are awake
Love watching you roll over on your playmat as you play with your favorite toys
Love how strong your little body is
Love your chubby cheeks
Love how expressive you are and how much you like to smile
Love how into and aware you are of your'd rather watch all the activity than eat!

Love how you've been trying to sit up since you were 3 months old (still a bit unsteady...I'm definately not rushing you!)
Love how you have recently starting blowing bubbles and buzzing your lips
Love how you can't wear any of your older brother's clothes right now...well, maybe not so much!
Love how you like to be read to
Love how you like to chew on everything you can get your hands on

I love how happy you make us!!!
I love that God chose to bless us with your sweet little self!


Ali said...

He looks so much like you!! He's so stinkin cute & those cheeks! I just want to nom on them.

Becky Chalet said...

Cute little boy. Wait till he gets to read all that Mama's written. Precious!

AshleyMarie said...

I think he looks like a mini Clay! WOW!

valerie said...

Sooooo precious!! Wish I could reach through the computer screen and give big hugs!!