Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Young Couples Cookout and Buttons and Bow ties Baby Shower

Saturday afternoon, the boys and I headed out (only 45 minutes late) to meet our church friends for our annual Young Couples Cookout. This year, due to the move and the lack of, ahem, an actual backyard we did not host it at our place. Our friends, the Intihars, stepped up to the plate and offered up their location. It was PERFECT! I think I only mentioned 4 or 5 times how envious I was of their massive fenced in backyard...perfect for little munchkins to run all over the place!! :) The weather not only cooperated but truly was more beautiful than we ever expected it to be! Brats, watermelon, chips, brownies, pasta salads, deviled eggs, veggie trays and more for supper...delish! To our friends who could not make it this year, "We missed you!!! :)"
(I was behind the camera :))

These two could not keep their curious little hands out of the coolers. At least we had no worries regarding hydration! ;)

Thanks Intihars for hosting!!! We appreciate it!

Sunday morning we all jumped out of the bed bright and early to head to church. I had breakfast for the Young Couples class that morning (sausage balls, strawberries and blueberries) plus was teaching in the Old Rabbits (Parker's pre-school Sunday school class) classroom so it was going to be a busy morning. After church, we flew home to assemble some quick sandwiches for lunch. A couple of friends were joining us.

My friend, Susie is expecting her first baby so all the girls were going to be busy with the baby shower that afternoon. A couple of the guys were coming over to watch a ballgame and hang out while we were partying with the soon-to-be mama. I grabbed my sandwich to go and a girlfriend and I drove over to Ericka's house (the main hostess of the shower and our friend) to put the finishing touches on the shower. The theme was "Buttons and Bowties" inspired by this site.

We had an ice cream sundae bar complete with sprinkles, oreo crumbles, mm's, butterfinger, and so many more yummy toppings! Lime punch to match the color theme, was served alongside lemon and lime water.

Garland of handcut buttons and bow ties adorned the walls while diaper cloths made into little bow ties hung sweetly from the balcony door.

Lindy, one of the hostesses, did an amazing job assembling and decorating this cute little diaper cake.

The girls from our Young Couples class who were at the shower.

A sweet shower for a sweet girl!


Aunt Laurie said...

Cute, cute, cute shower!! Love it!! Do you know where the dispenser with the water in it came from?? I love it and want to get a couple!! Great blog!! Love you and see y'all soon!!!

carrie said...

Thanks Aunt Laurie! The cute drink dispensers came from Costco!