Saturday, June 1, 2013

Packing Priorities: Five year old and Two year old style

The boys and I are down in the good ole' South enjoying some time with family.

For the past month--since the boys found out about our summer travels--they have enjoyed loading up their backpacks each day with goodies of all the treasures they planned on taking down to Texas and Mississippi. (key word there is "planned.") Their backpacks were so stuffed full of cars, trucks, swimsuits, and whatever else their little hearts fancied, that they couldn't even zip or lift the things. ha! Each day, a little something different was added. One particular morning I walked into the boys' room to find Parker stuffing his bathing suit and a pair of socks in his backpack (on top of all the cars, toys, and little figurines that were already in there). He said, "Mom! I decided I might need a pair of socks for the trip, so I am packing a pair of socks in here. And we need to make sure we get LOTS of swimsuits cause we will be swimming a lot." He was quite serious.

When the flight took off on Wednesday morning, both boys had kept true to their word. Their backpacks consisted of three small toys, a pair of sunglasses, and a pair of binoculars. Parker also packed his Leap Pad for airplane games. I roared when I opened Cooper's bag. I had spent far too long looking unsuccessfully around the house the day before for his "B's" (aka paci's). I shouldn't have worried. At the bottom of Cooper's barnyard backpack was a pile of 7 pacifiers. He had apparently gone around the house rounding them up when I was busy gathering up our clothes. In that pile of B's was one of the green ones from the hospital that they give infants. ha! He had a "b" in every color and every style...I guess with that he was ready to go! (I am curious where he found half of these! Some of them had been missing for quite some time. I guess he had secret hiding spots!)

(I will insert picture of paci's in backpack here after loading pics to computer)

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