Friday, June 14, 2013

Rounding out Spring, Dancing into Summer

Soccer games, Preschool end of the year activities and graduation, Storytimes in pjs with special smoothies, a playdate at the Arboretum with friends, talk time on the phone with grandparents, a Dallas friend coming for a visit, and afternoon playtime outside the house with trucks and diggers = Summertime is on its way!!



After finishing up the last of our spring activities, we were ready to play in the South for a bit to start our summer off with a bang! January to May was nothing short of a crazy whirlwind for our family...and though we haven't reached steady waters yet, the storm is definately calming. I am literally dancing into our summertime fun!
 Over the last several weeks we have been busy traveling, seeing family and friends in Mississippi and in Texas. Oh, what a blessing that precious time was for me and for the boys. At 4:45 tomorrow morning, Clay and I are hopping on a plane headed for Orlando to meet the rest of Clay's family at Disneyworld for a few days. I should be in the bed sleeping soundly before my alarm goes off at 4am, but of course, I had stubbornly decided that this post must go up before we left. :) I am soooo excited to be running off to this magical place with my boys! The cameras are charged and ready to go..."It's a Small World After All" has been the tune in my head for the past 3 days...DisneyWorld, here we come!

...and when I return, plenty of fun pictures to share from the trips to the three states!

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