Thursday, May 27, 2010

Progress around the home & "Being a Mary vs. Martha"

A couple of nights ago we finished up unpacking the last bulk of boxes. Yea! We have a handful of boxes still sitting around needing attention, but I should be able to tackle these in an afternoon. All the large wall items are hung, but I have at least 60+ frames in need of attention. I am really looking forward to hanging my frames & wall decor! Sadly enough, I actually get giddy just thinking about it. :)

Last Saturday was a rainy day, so I actually rejoiced because that meant we could tackle the basement. Since moving in, we have wanted to play outside as much as possible & get some yard work done (I'll show some pics soon!); therefore, the inside of the house has been put off a bit due to gorgeous weather. :) We did get everything organized & unpacked in the basement with the exception of my scrapbooking stuff. I will look forward to gradually getting to that over the next several weeks. There are some pictures that are calling my name in need of printing & scrapping/hanging.
Monday night we decided to have a watermelon social at our place for a few of the neighbors. It was a beautiful day so we were looking forward to sitting out on the deck & enjoying the delicious weather. Well, about halfway through our dinner, Clay, Parker & I had to grab our plates & run inside to miss the buckets of water pouring from the sky...random. We weren't sure whether or not the neighbors would show up or not with the change, but low & behold they were knocking on our doors at 7:15 ready for a party. I have to tell you that I was highly embarassed by the way our kitchen & living area looked. Stuff sitting out, candles not lit...see, I hadn't planned on people actually coming in & wanting a tour of the place with the original plan being that the party was going to be outdoors. Now, I know we have just moved & all, but I was beyond mortified. I actually told my mom that night that I would rather have someone walk in on me in my underwear than to walk in & have the garbage sitting out in the kitchen, a warm candle not lit & stuff sitting around waiting to be put away. Call it ocd, call it nesting, call it whatever you want to, but that has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves. (I'm going to regret admitting all of this later! ha!) Anyway, I sucked it up when I saw how happy Clay & everyone else was & decided not to stress over those little details...well, at least not while the company was in the house.

We recently had a message in our Sunday School class about "Mary & Martha." (Luke 10:38-42) It was the perfect lesson for me that week. (I think I could stand to hear it a time or two more!) Less than two weeks before the move my dear husband made the comment, "Baby, we haven't had anyone over for supper in awhile. Let's invite one of the couples from church over in the next week or so." (Now, please keep in mind that by this time, our kitchen table was packed up along with over 3/4 of our home.) I looked at him in wide-eyed disbelief & replied, "What did you have in mind? Having a pow wow over a pizza box in the middle of the living room floor?!" I nipped that suggestion in the bud quickly much to his dismay...the next Sunday was the lesson on being a Martha or Mary. I couldn't help but laugh when most of the husbands in the room (including mine) glanced over at their wives to raise their eyebrows as if to say with one look, "See, I told you so."

Growing up, our family always had people stopping by the house to say hello, play, etc. I remember my mom having candles lit & creating such a warm environment for our guests. Now, the house was rarely in perfect order with everything that was going on in everyday lives; however, she always made people feel welcome & comfortable when they walked through the door. My mom is definitely a "Mary." I pray often that I will develop more of the "Mary" see it's a lot easier to do when life is calm & a little quieter...I can do that part. It's more of a challenge when your life gets turned upside down & twisted around; that's when the test stands strongest.

With all that being said, though our house was nowhere near perfect condition, it was a fun evening with new friends...imagine that! ;) the way, the watermelon was delish. 

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Jami said...

You're sooooo funny. Do you know that when I read your blog I "hear" your southern accent in my head, saying all the words? Isn't THAT funny? Glad you're making some progress!