Monday, May 24, 2010

Several fun things from this weekend...

I am soooo happy to be sitting here at my working computer looking through pictures from the past month & actually being able to share some of these cuties with ya'll! It has been an interesting last several weeks mixed with a little of everything: busy days, fun times, challenging hours, stressful situations, beautiful weather, laid-back afternoons. We are loving the new home & starting to feel a lot more settled in. Sooo much to share & catch up on, but I had to get on here & post some pictures from our weekend. This post will be random, but quick thoughts (I've actually got about 10 minutes before the boys get home for supper).

This was at 11:15 last night (sexy picture isn't it...half dressed in pjs, half dressed in clothes from the day). I got the urge around 10pm to start decorating, so Clay got to help me...obviously, I couldn't crawl up there by myself. :) I'm very happy with the finished results...this picture doesn't show the final arrangement, but we were having fun at this point & decided to take pictures. I will say though, that as I sit here & look at the picture, my palms are sweating (as they were last night when I was trying to dust the upper level & arrange my pretty things...I was determined to get it done though.)

LOVE this picture & these two! This was taken after church on Sunday...I have got to get some cute pics of little man in this outfit from his Rassie. It's adorable & one of my current favorites. Parker refused to leave his baseball cap in the car during church, so we allowed him to wear it in, then he placed it in his little container in the nursery until after church was over. When Clay & I went to get him afterwards, he happily walked out swinging his arms & walked over to his little bucket where he pulled his hat from. That hat went straight back on his head & stayed on for the remainder of the day. He actually wore it until bedtime (literally, I took it off after we had said bedtime prayers & as I was laying him down!)

I have started my first herb garden! It will be so much fun to have fresh herbs to use with my cooking this summer & fall. For years I have said I wanted one, so I am excited to be able to have my own small little garden of it now. This weekend, I walked out on the deck to see the first little buds popping up out of the potting soil. I was so excited I started yelling at Clay to come see my plants. He I took pictures to show everyone. So far, I have planted Basil, Oregano, Parsley & Cilantro. I want to plant Rosemary & Mint too, but haven't been able to find it yet; they seem to be out of those two everywhere I go.

This is what entertained Parker during our long Walmart shopping trip this weekend. He took things off the shelves & lined them up across the aisles. Well, at least there is some order to it. ;)
Lots more to do...a few boxes left to unpack, frames need to be hung & of course the decorating is not done. But, I am having lots of fun playing with it all & enjoying our everyday life in our new home.
P.S. Only 2 things were broken during the move...1 was a nice glass from our everyday line & the other was my Southern Living red pedestal that I used ALL the time. Shame. I was sad about those things, but sooo happy that more wasn't broken. I about cried for joy when I unpacked all of my unharmed McCarty & Peter's. Clay still shakes his head over my protective nature of the treasured Mississippi Mud. He says there's a problem (aka mental issue) when one is more concerned for "fired delta clay" than their own expensive china & crystal. Well, I won't argue with that. I will say to the comment though, I am who I am & will proudly announce that I am a true Southerner at heart who supports & loves her MS roots...enough to appear mentally challenged if it means protecting the dear Mississippi mud that resides in my kitchen...and my living room...and my bedroom...and the nursery... :)

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