Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nesting, Nana and Never-ending playtime...

This little boy (well, maybe me just a little bit too! ;)) is getting spoiled rotten having our Nana in town.

It's less than 2 weeks from the baby's due date..YEA!!! what are we doing this week?

Me? Nesting, Nesting, nesting...deep cleaning around the house (again), playing lots with my busy little toddler, stocking up on everything from laundry products to cleaning supplies to diapers (it's like we don't have a Target or a store anywhere near our house! ha!), wrapping up some scrapbooking projects, shopping for Christmas presents, fitting our growing little boy with new fall clothes and shoes (Lord, help us; our 2 year old is growing way too fast!!), organizing coupons (anyone need Ziploc storage bag coupons...I only have about 30), decorating for fall, planning some meals, going to the bathroom every 20 minutes (or so it seems), burning my music cd's for the hospital, picking up a few things for "big brother" and for big brother to give to little Nolen, throwing out paper stuff, staying on top of insurance and hospital mistakes (so thankful for my little insurance background that I have) :)...basically, a little bit of anything and everything...continously adding to my list of to do's...ha ha! Most importantly, getting soooo excited!!!

Clay? Flying. Flying and more flying. (which is why our Nana has flown in to help us out a little bit and be here in case baby comes while hubby is traveling!) When Clay is home, he's marking chores off of his "Honey-do list"...bless him, it's never-ending. :)

Parker? Playing, keeping his mama and nana busy running to keep up with him, impressing us each day with all that he's learning, making everyone laugh with his silliness, getting excited about his new little brother/sister arriving soon, kissing mama's tummy daily...being a sweet (most of the time!) and very active little toddler!


Terra Cravens said...

Keep deep cleaning and hopefully that will bring on labor! I can't wait to meet Baby bet is a girl!!!!!!!!

Jami said...

Oh you busy little bee Carrie:) You are going to be totally prepared for baby with all this work you're getting done! I'm still alive, I've just been really busy so haven't been in touch lately. You will be hearing from me sometime soon, if not before baby, then definately after as I will need to stop in for a visit!