Thursday, September 9, 2010

Third Trimester "cookies and pillow talk"

I recently read a humorous twitter post from CollinKartchner (one of my favorite bloggers' husband):

I'm so glad my wife reminds me daily she's pregnant. Besides the late night cravings, mood swings, and bulbous stomach, I'd probably forget.
10:04 PM Sep 2nd via web

I got a good laugh off of this as my husband can totally relate right now!! Here's for another chuckle...a typical evening (when he's home) of our "3rd trimester conversations."

September 7, 2010
Let's Talk about Cookies:
During the first commercial of Covert Affairs:

We had finally gotten Parker off to bed and were settling in on the couch to finish watching the season finale of White Collar and the next episode of Covert Affairs.

Clay: Where are you running off to?
Carrie: (as I'm sprinting up the stairs) To make a batch of Nanny's Cookies...come help me during the won't take a second and will go so much faster if you help!
Clay: coming up the stairs to assist me...not very enthusiastically I might add
Why exactly are we doing this at 9:15 at night?
Carrie: (as I'm grabbing each of the ingredients as fast as I can and shoving them in Clay's arms and on the kitchen counter) Because I can't sleep tonight unless I have some...remember I was craving them yesterday
Clay: Oh yeah, along with the pancakes...
Carrie: Well, this won't take a second if you help me for 3 minutes and then I'll finish them up and you can fill me in on the blend while I dump all the ingredients in the bowl

After about 3 min I told him he could resume his tv watching and I'd be down in a min. with some cookies...I ended up missing almost half of the show but it was totally worth it!!

9:45pm pulling first batch of cookies out of the oven...3 warm, gooey cookies went straight into my mouth...dished the others out onto a plate to take down to hubby with a tall glass of milk

Clay: So, how many did you inhale before you brought these down here? (as he's smiling)
Carrie: Only two (wink)

around 11:27 pm
A Conversation in between the Sheets:
I've been in the bed for a few minutes; Clay is just walking in the room.

Carrie: Clay, before you get in the bed would you please grab a pillow out of the guest room or the little green one from Parker's top bunk...
Clay interrupts with a very aggravated tone
Clay: What could you possibly need another pillow for? There's not room for another pillow in this bed; you already use three. I'm going to have to sleep in the guest room. Besides, there's already not room enough for me as it is since you insist on sticking your butt out all the way to my side of the bed when you sleep.
Carrie: Well, you can either buy us a bigger bed...
Clay: we can't fit a bigger bed in this room; besides, we don't need a bigger bed. You would just move to my side of the bed matter how big the bed was...
Carrie: ...or, you are welcome to sleep in the guest bed if you'd like.

Clay: leaves the room. comes back with the little green pillow...tosses it on the bed and hops in.

Carrie: I'm moving all the way to the edge of the bed with my pillows; there is plenty of room for you if you sleep on your side. Don't be grouchy and fuss at me; I need a pillow for my back tonight.
Clay: Why? What could it possibly do to help your back? Other pregnant ladies don't need this many pillows to sleep at night.
Carrie: First of all, A. How would you know what other pregnant use or don't use for their aching backs and bodies? B. You are totally wrong on that one. Most pregnant women do use extra pillows...maybe not 4, but a lot have those body pillows that serve as at least 2. I dare you to go up to a 3rd trimester pregnant lady on the street and question her on how many pillows she sleeps with and tell her that that's ridiculous and she doesn't need those...that would be an interesting moment (one that I would enjoy seeing actually.) and C. It shouldn't matter what other people do anyway...if it makes your uncomfortable wife happy and comfortable, you should be happy.

Clay: (exasperated at this point) Ok. I hope you sleep good. Love you.
Carrie: (very tired and groggy feeling, but happy to have my pillow) you too. Love you. sleep tight.

I might feel a little for him....a little. ;)


Meredith Warf said...

Haha!!! I had 4 pillows too! AND...Bruce slept in the guest room for the last 2 months! Ha. Can't wait to see new baby Nolen!!

Ginna Abbey said...

I agree! I have at least 4 pillows and have apparently taken up over half the bed these last few months!! I also found Ryan on the couch for the first time this week.... Gla it's only a few more days to go!! P.S. I love stalking your blog :)

Collin K. said...

My wife prefers to lay on her side and place several sandbags around her body so she's wedged in tight. Then I roll a massive tortilla around her.

p.s. thanks for the Twitter shout out.

Jami said...

Oh Carrie, you're hilarious. I'm pretty sure I've had some variation of those same conversations! I guarantee if men had to birth babies they'd be complaining about WAY more than cookies and pillows :) The big day is getting closer!

Aunt Laurie said...

HA HA!!!! Tell Clay it has been going on for centuries! I even used pillows when I was pregnant 21 years ago!! Not much longer though and we'll be blessed with another little one!! YAY! Love you three! Aunt Laurie

carrie said...

Thanks for all the fun comments! Clay and I have gotten a kick out of reading them.

He called the other night all excited because the hotel he was staying at had a ceiling fan and a very firm bed. I said, "So I guess you'll be sleeping like a baby then." With a smile in his voice, he responded, "Oh yeah."

Poor thing...he actually prefers the hotel beds right now to his own one at home. ha ha! Well, I can't imagine why?! ;)