Thursday, June 23, 2011

Documented: "A Day in the Life - Our Today"

A Day in the Life: Our Today
June 23, 2011
Story: Carrie, Parker and Cooper from sleep to wake to sleep again
Clay is flying (somewhere)
Weather: Chilly for first time in awhile...about 60 degrees..overcast...rainy
Wearing: a coral dress with white jacket and Ann Taylor
Accessories: oatmeal colored shoes (Love these shoes!) and chunky silver jewelry

4:13am Waahh! Waaahhhh! Cooper is hungry.
4:31-5:45 Laid in bed trying to go to sleep but for some reason Cooper wasn't settled and kept me awake.
5:45 am Gave up on sleep.
Shower, dress, get ready for work...quick check for email rsvps for Sat cookout..respond to a few emails
6:50am Whip up some of "Nanny's cookies" to take to training class
7:30am Cooper wakes up...Change his diaper, dress him for day, hold and giggle with him for a minute before I dance and do a jig in the kitchen for him while I'm finishing up my baking. He was half happy and half threatening to cry...he was getting hungry (typically he's at daycare by was different) Prayed neighbors wouldn't catch me making a fool of myself in kitchen with baking utensils
7:55 Wake Parker up
7:58 Last batch of cookies come out of oven
8:00 Dress Parker, take wet sheets off the bed and throw them downstairs
Load boys and bags in car...singing randomly in a crazy voice, "We're off to see the wizard..." parker laughs and says, "No mom, we're off to see Ms. Leslie!" Forgot dress shoes. Darn. Pull back in driveway. Run inside to grab AT shoes.
8:15 Drop boys off at Daycare
8:26 Park at office, carry in nursing bag, purse, personalized lunch bag and plate of cookies wearing my "crocs"...get in elevator with 6 suits...starting to feel like Suzy Homemaker from South (almost every day I'm in a suit or formal dress...casual day today with sundress and jacket...couldn't help but laugh after getting off elevator...wish there was a picture of this one...)
8:30am Arrive at work...everyone is happy to see cookies
(Cookies are gone before 10am)
Received email that I won a $50 gift card to Best Buy...whooohoo! Husband will be giveaways!
*Training Phase 2 on Account Business Reviews and Proposal Presentations...head is spinning...lots of info taken in this week
Lunch today: homemade chicken salad sandwich, blueberries and strawberries and carrot sticks
MR: 9:30 and 12:30pm (perfect time to pray for boys and make a couple of quick phone calls)

4:30pm Switch to comfortable rubber houseshoes (aka crocs) Leave work to go get boys
5pm Home
5:05 unload bags from car (put milk in fridge, put Cooper's empty bottles and food containers in sink to be washed, hang Parker's backpack in closet, bring in diaper bag, nursing bag, purse, lunchbag and shoes..check cooper's stats sheet again for times and feedings and such)
5:08 Turn on oven...pop chicken for dinner in oven
5:10 Head over to park with boys...kick the soccer ball with Parker (Cooper loved it...I held him while I kicked the ball..he laughed hard every time I kicked the ball back to was chilly out...60 maybe? Headed home about 5:30)...Grab mail from mailbox.
5:34 Cooper in high chair with food waiting for him :) Smart mama I am. Mum Mum to keep him busy. Warm baby food. He doesn't want to wear bib. Takes it off and is now on floor.
5:36 Take chicken out of oven. Green beans go in microwave.
5:37 Cooper screaming. He has finished mum mum and doesn't want to eat baby food.
(Parker playing at front door with outdoor play shovels, buckets, etc.)
5:38 Trying to feed Cooper sweet potatoes and pears. A challenge. He wants to hold the spoons. So far to count...3 spoons on floor. Attempted to put bib on Cooper again. It's on the floor shortly after.

Picture taken of Carrie and Cooper one day earlier in the week...June 22, 2011

5:40 something... chicken cordon blue, green beans and blueberries on the table for Parker.
5:50 cheerios for cooper...still trying to finish up the baby food...1 more spoon on floor.
6:00pm Warmed up leftover carrots and potatoes from fridge for Cooper. He's happy and messy within minutes. (I did get him to also finish the baby food in between.) Last and final attempt with bib. Unsuccessful. Seriously, why bother at this point?
6:05 Parker slowly but surely taking bites and chatting happily.
6:10 I take first bite of lukewarm supper. Parker wants to help Cooper drink water from his sippy. Thank you Parker. Now please sit down.
6:13 Parker: "Can I have more blueberries, mama?" Mama: "Eat a couple more bites of chicken and green beans and you may have some more blueberries."
6:16 Get Parker more blueberries. Cooper needs more Now a total of 5 spoons on floor.
6:18 Parker randomly wants to sit in my lap to eat...that never happens.
6:19 I guess I'm done with supper. Visit with Parker while I make sure Cooper has easy access to food on tray.
6:22 Unload dishwasher while Parker is finishing up. Put dirty dishes in dishwasher.
6:29 Parker done with supper. Cooper done eating and being happy. Sent Parker to wash hands and play while I take Cooper upstairs for bath.
6:32 Wipe Cooper down and head upstairs for bath in duckie. Cooper doesn't want to stay on changing table..."Get me in my duckie NOW!"
6:34 Cooper happy splashing and moving in duckie bath. Cooper wants to play slip in slide..flip, turn, lay, roll...bathe him quickly and get him out before he lands on head in bottom of tub.
6:36 Parker comes in with soft baseball and soft baseball bat, 3 cars and a batman...puts them all in sink and starts playing with water involved.
6:39pm Cooper on changing table and not happy about leaving bath. Dry him off. Take him to bedroom to put on diaper. Give him toy froggy to play with..he wants the plastic hanger to chew on instead.
6:43 Cooper dressed and ready for bed.
6:44 Milk time for Cooper. He's rubbing eyes.
7pm Night Night Cooper. Fan on. Curtains closed. Lovee and blanket in crib with him. (Clay lowered crib Tuesday night and took bumper pad out)
7:02 Throw in load of laundry. Wipe of high chair in kitchen. Start washing a few dishes that can't go in dishwasher. Put clean sheets on Parker's bed.
7:16 Throw football downstairs with Parker.
7:37 Pick up toys time. (not many to pick up tonight)
7:42 Parker in bathtrub...he wants to play
(I finish cleaning up kitchen as I hear Parker playing upstairs)
7:52 2 minute warning
7:54 quiet upstairs..I go upstairs to see what's going on and to bathe Parker. He has dumped the entire bottle of shampoo into the bathwater. Only one towel needed to soak up water from floor from him swimming like a fish.
Empty water. Bathe Parker. He cries and wails that he can't breathe when I rinse his hair (per usual ritual).
8:02 Out of tub, dried off and brushing teeth.
8:04 Pull up on, putting on pjs.
8:07 Parker heads downstairs to get his car with engine pipes and something idea which ones he's talking about.
8:10 Parker returns happy with his wanted items.
8:12 Socks on feet, in bed with his 2 toys and stuffed animals
8:14 "Bedtime for Frances" rRead by mama
8:27 Prayers & kisses
8:33 Lights out.

This Mama: WHEW!!! I did it! I survived! Pat myself on the back and hit my tasks hard and fast.

Quick motion to wrap up daily tasks...Grab all dirties from bathroom and chunk downstairs. Switch laundry in washer. Fold 2 loads of laundry that are in downstairs LR. Take trash to street for morning pick up. Prepare baby food for tomorrow. Get tomorrow's dinner in head and out to thaw. All dishes washed. Counters wiped down. Clay called. Quick glance out of front window to see gorgeous sunset. Bags for tomorrow out and by door ready to be loaded. Pjs on. Face washed. Contacts out.

9:16 Totally have a million and one things to do but am sitting down to load pics from camera. Veg to blog music and start post.
11:03pm This mama is headed to bed....and praying for a solid night's sleep.

Gradually trying to take pics of our current everyday life...having Clay grab the camera when he's home to snap a few "everyday moments" of me and the boys.


Jami said...

Go supermom!

valerie said...

Whew!!! I kinda remember way back when -- when I had similar days! You go girl!!!