Wednesday, June 8, 2011

sleep, growing boys and Como Zoo!

I received the best birthday present ever this week...our little Cooper man slept through the night!!! I knew it could be done again; now, we just have to cross our fingers that it continues. After sleep training for 3 nights, on the 4th night...he slept. from 7pm till 6am. Thank you Lord. (Could we ask for a continuation of this event...please!?!?)

This past weekend, after 2 1/2 hrs of trying to get out the door with the boys, we made it to Como Zoo for a morning with the animals. (Truly, by the time we loaded everything into the car, we felt like we could be gone for 4 days and be totally fine with reserves and all. Heaven forbid, we leave the Doc Hudson car or our Woody doll in the midst of packing everything else.) ;)
It was warm out, and we loved the adventure. The boys enjoyed seeing the giraffes, monkeys, flamingos and other exciting creatures. We had packed a picnic...sandwiches, chips, grapes, goldfish and trail mix, a cheese stick and pistachios. My three year old was literally eating the whole time we were at the park. I wish I had a picture of his face when I told him no at one point to "another snack." He's a growing boy.

Speaking of growing boys, this one continues to amaze his mama and daddy. Not so much into milk (which his parents are not happy about), but very much into Big Boy food that he can hold, lift and put in his mouth himself. This proud mama has finally mastered the early evening meltdowns. Give him a carrot stick to chew on, a Mum Mum, his baby food, plus any and all food that he can eat off of our plates and his contagious smile will not falter....but Lord help the individual who lets him run out of mashed potatoes and watermelon.

On the toddler's end, Parker has been all about the outdoors and playing at the park in the neighborhood whenever he gets a chance. Is he old enough to be climbing on something this large??? Clay was laughing as my palms were seriously sweating when I observed my 3 year old maneuver through ropes and plastic steps 3 times his size. 

Looks like we have fun days ahead...I do think I need to go buy more food for our fridge though.


Shzelly said...

Congrats on your new job! We need a playday soon! Wes keeps asking for Parker! :) Email me and let me know how you are!

Marsha Goodwin said...

Love your blog, seeing boys' pictures, and reading about y'all's lives..I know you are enjoying your mom this week...God bless all..Love you