Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bumblebee the Transformer and the Littlest Peter Pan

Last night our family ventured out to the Chan Rec Center's Halloween Party.
One child as Peter Pan and one little boy as Bumblebee. Happy little boys they were. (Well, before leaving the house, Peter Pan did have a minor breakdown...he did not want to wear his Peter Pan shoes but his froggy boots instead. It was a slight battle to get the Peter Pan shoes on. A rather hilarious ordeal truthfully. Once we arrived on site, all sad wishes for the froggy boots were forgotten however. :))
The center was decked out with fun carnival games for the kids, a Magic Show, a Hayride, juice and cookies for a family treat, and of course lots of trick or treating. Clay and I enjoyed watching every little expression that crossed Cooper's face throughout the evening. He would stare in wonderment at all the costumes (especially the adult ones - the Superman, the zebra and the clown entertained him the most). Parker was just all smiles the whole night! :)
Though Cooper was not quite sure of what was going on at first, he totally got the hang of it quickly. Instead of saying, "trick or treat," he would walk up to the large characters, open his bag and proclaim, "Mohr! Mohr!" (for "More"). It was hilarious! The entire time we were walking around each of the carnival games, Cooper had his little hands inside that treat bag trying to grab out goodies to either eat or play with. His daddy and I had to keep a close eye on that little one!!

Parker had his first face painting experience; he opted for a bat. I loved getting to see all of this; I am so thankful I got to see their happiness, their expressions, their curiosity. What a special evening it was for Clay and me! We feel as if our boys are growing up so so quickly!!

Cooper finally snuck a Tootsie Pop out of his bag before we could stop him. After inhaling some juice and cookies, this little stinker popped this thing in his mouth and very happily started dancing and looking around the room enjoying himself quite immensely. (We did have to take the sucker away eventually, and unfortunately, tears were shed...until we left the room and saw more "treat people" who he immediately ran up to and asked for "More, More!" which they added sweet candy to his bag. He was happy again.)

Family photo:
(Cooper was not smiling because we made him put down his treat bag. ha ha! The little stinker!!!)

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