Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Memories made with Granddaddy and Mimi

I mentioned several days ago that we had family in town for a visit. Granddaddy and Mimi were with us for just over a week...a week that went by way to fast. I was thankful for the time that we were able to spend with these two. It was a first visit to see us, so we were very grateful for the opportunity to show them a glimpse of our little Minnesota. I was giddy every day waking up knowing that our little men were going to get to spend time with their great-grandfather that day making memories that I pray they will always remember. There certainly won't be a lack of documentation to commemorate the occasion. I got everything. ;)

Pictures of our trip to Emma Krumbees and the pumpkin patch. (above)
Pictures of the boys snuggling up for story-time just before bed.

Pictures of sugar cookie Halloween cut-outs and decorating.

Ultimately, we let Parker and Cooper do most of the decorating themselves (with a little assistance of course); I thought they did a really good job. Although, we believe more icing went in Cooper's mouth than on his cookies!

Pictures of the fun birthday celebration at Chuck E Cheese.
(Clay's dad's birthday happened to be during their visit, so Granddaddy treated us to Chuck E Cheese that day. We made a Happy Birthday sign, had a waiter take our picture and then sent it to Poppie back in Texas.)

The boys played hard...all 4 of them.
...and took the games quite seriously sometimes.

Pictures out at a local restaurant.
After lunch, they were able to steal a glance of a few of the Minnesota lakes and parks that we frequently visit.
Pictures from our trip to Downtown Minneapolis.
(I ended up not taking very many pictures outside, due to the fact that dear hubby was slightly concerned the camera might disappear quickly with a few of our nearby bystanders. I agreed.)

Pictures of our excursion to the Mall of America.
While there, a ski and snowboard event was going on, featuring local ski hills and and stores. (Cue angelic praise choir for my husband). He disappeared for a few moments. ;) We found him here soon after his departure...with Parker on his shoulders, they were watching a nationally recognized  trampoline travelling group performing stunts. I did not get pictures of it, but I do wish I had taken shots of them performing with the snowboards on their feet...u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e. You wouldn't catch me jumping that high without boards attached to my feet. After hubby had a chance to go around and enter all the drawings for free ski passes, we continued on our merry little way.
We made sure to show them Lego Land at MOA.
Pictures of togetherness.
We cherished our visits after the boys went down for bedtime, our mealtimes, and all of the outings. What meant so much to us was that we were able to show them so much of our everyday life...our church, Parker's pre-school and teachers, our bedtime routine...they saw it all. Now, when we chat with them and mention things, they will be able to picture it. Many more pictures were taken and many many memories made; the boys ate up every minute of them being here. We all did.
Granddaddy and Marilyn, THANK YOU for coming to see us! We loved having y'all here and we will expect another trip in the near future...during the warmer months. :) Love y'all!

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