Tuesday, October 16, 2012

our little mr. mr. is TWO!!

Last week, our precious little Cooper turned TWO!! Time is flying by waaay too quickly around here. As I type this, I am listening to #1 on my playlist, "Blink" by Revive...getting a little teary-eyed over here! :) It is Tuesday afternoon and I have a TON of things to cross off my "to do's" during the brief naptime today, because this morning I chose to hold Cooper instead of working on the house. I am determined to briefly record a few thoughts on our mr. mr. before another week goes by though. Before I know it, he will be two and a half and the thoughts still won't be recorded. :)
Cooper Bennett at Two:
Weight: 29 lbs (60th %)
Height: 36 3/4" (94th %)
Clothing size: 2T
Shoe Size: 7 1/2
Size 4 diapers (probably not for much longer)
Food: somewhat picky. Loves spaghetti and lasagna, cheese, broccoli and cheese, peanut butter, honey, grapes (any kind of fruit really), sweets and juice (though unfortunately for you, you aren't granted them very often ;))
Food you rarely will eat: tomatoes, raw veggies of any sort
Your daddy and I have started grating veggies into your meals so that you get more of it because that's sometimes the only way you will eat it.
Favorites: Tractors!!!! Trucks & cars, balls, playdough, blankie and paci (aka "kee kee" and "b"), stacking blocks, walks in the stroller, doing big things with "the boys", wrestling with daddy and Bubby
Personality: Social, outspoken, strong-willed, flexible (unless it comes to sleep), very happy (when you are especially happy about something, you will run around chiming, "appy, appy aaapppy!" with this huge grin on your face)
Other randoms about You:
You still like to put almost everything in your mouth. You still pick at and eat fuzz. You like to go on walks in your stroller and relax. You take your best poops when you run off and shut yourself off in a closet or a room alone for a few minutes. (everyone really wanted to know that I am sure.) Bedtime: you and Parker are currently sharing a room and you are still in your crib sleeping great most nights. This summer bedtime was later...around 8:30 and sometimes 9pm...now with it getting darker earlier, we have backed it up to 7-7:30 most nights. Tv shows that get your attention (although it is rare that you sit and watch them): Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins (Disney)...and a few others off of Disney Jr and PBS. You sleep till anytime between 8-9:30am most mornings so you miss the shows that "Bubby" watches like "The Cat in the Hat" and "Curious George". About two mornings a week you are up by 7/7:30am (you are usually fussy on those days for most of the day.) You take anywhere between an 1 1/2-3 hour nap every afternoon. It is an extreme rareity if you miss. You had tubes put in recently!! Yea! So far, no more ear infections! Mama will affectionally call you little mr. mr. or her "Angel B" and she has no idea where they came from.
Words Cooper says all the time: "Mo!" (for "No!"), "Up peas" (please), "Move Peas", "Mama" or "Mom", "Daddy" or "Gaddy", "Bubby" (for brother), "E-I-E-I-O" stands for anything having to do with tractors, a farm, or construction trucks ha ha!, "Mohr" (more), "ow-ee" or "oww" for a booboo, "moo moo" or "awrf awrf" for just about any kind of animal he sees, "juice" (watching him shape his little lips for this one is adorable), "milk", "bye bye", "nigh nigh," "gah gone" (all done), "why,"  (said in quite the whiney voice,  might add!) "baby," "keese" for cheese and please," "geh down," "Mine," "Hol me"...he says a lot of other random words to repeat what we say but these are the ones most frequently heard around here.
You love stacking blocks. You love making things with playdough. You love mommy holding you. You like us to read books to you (as of this summer). You still have extremely sensitive skin. Busy, Busy, Busy. You love making Big Big messes :) Love riding "horsee" that Nana and Poppie gave me last Christmas. Love dressing up with Bubby. You like comfy, soft things like stuffed animals, satin and fuzzy blankees, sweaters, coats that are warm, and your froggy boots (handed down from Parker).

Love you so much, Cooper.

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He surely has grown!!!!!