Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Big Five

I have a FIVE year old! How did this happen? :)
Parker Charles, your mama and daddy love you to pieces, to the moon and back, 100 million times! :) You make having kids look easy (most of the time!) :)
Here are a few things I want to remember about you right now:
Your Contagious smile. Your endless amount of Energy. How your voice changes "big" when you're talking with or helping daddy with something. How you are always up for an adventure. How flexible you are. How much you love to help others. Your natural ability to lead (your teachers tell me all the time that you are definately the leader of the class. :)) How calm and happy you are to have your own quiet play time every once in awhile with your trucks and trailors, Rescue Heroes and little toys. How much you LOVE to be outside...whether cold or hot, rain, snow or sunshine. According to assessments--and obvious observations :), two of your highest areas on the charts are 1. social skills and 2. physical coordination/skills. You are not afraid to go up and talk to anyone, but sometimes you shy away when someone comes up to you and you talk "baby"  until you're comfortable around them or the situation. You will tell me how it is. :) You love to tell us stories that you make up in your head. Very observant. Too smart for your own good (haven't I said that before?). Very friendly and caring. A ray of sunshine wherever you go.

Some favorites: trucks, trailors and 4-wheelers, Rescue Heroes, Curious George, Cat in the Hat, Rescue Heroes movies, Wild Krats, Callilou, singing, the color blue, playing outside (always), going to Preschool and seeing your friends, adventures, healthy food (weird, right?), helping people, learning new things, movie naps, your cowboy boots and snow shoes, going to the park...truly one of the only things I have discovered you do not like is scary people. At least, that is what you tell me. :)

You prefer Supper to dessert. Playing outside and adventures over television. Staying up over sleeping. Laughing and talking confidently over quiet time. Playing sports and cars and trucks over artsy stuff (although sometimes, you can get excited over the crafts and games we play and do.) Morning, afternoon and evening...not one over the other. :) Fruit and veggies over bread and dessert. Learning something new over sitting still and relaxing. Busy over not busy. Did I mention you are energetic? ;)

Randoms: You love reading your Bible and have taken it to school the last 4 days so that you could "share it with your friends." You are pretty good at sharing with and helping Cooper (sometimes that's debatable though :)). Currently, for winter enrolled in swim lessons. Will take soccer and gymnastics later this year. Birthday party at Chuck E Cheese in a week (inviting your school friends for the first and your friends are so excited.)

Me (today): "Parker, what is something that I do for you that let's you know mama loves you?"
Parker: "Well, I love when you cook us good, healthy food for meals. You are a good cook."
Above proof that I am not making up the whole veggies and fruit thing...this is what you have asked me to have for breakfast before...bell peppers pictured above.

Weight: 43 lbs (67%)
Height: 43 1/2in (58%)
Shoe Size: 12
Clothing: 5T (pants) and 4-5's (shirts)

 Mama and Daddy love you, Little Man. Keep dreaming always and never give up when life gets tough. Love the Lord with all your heart; keep trusting in Him and leaning on Him every day. May your eyes shine bright and your heart fill full all the days of your life, for you know who is with you always even to the end of the earth. We are so thankful to have you as a part of us!! How blessed Daddy, Cooper and I are!!!
Happy Birthday Little Man!! 


valerie said...

Wow!!! Five years old!!! Happy birthday to Parker! Kudos to Carrie for doing such a great job documenting all those "little things" that otherwise would be forgotten! AND thank you to Carrie for sharing all those little things with those of us who can't be there too!

Carrie Nolen said...

Thanks Aunt Val! I am so glad you enjoying reading our little adventures and my day to day ramblings. Love ya'll!