Friday, April 12, 2013

Snaggletoothed, a wintry spring, and a 1st trip to the dentist...and not necessarily in that order ;)

Tuesday, April 2
The boys and I at the zoo. Our favorite during this trip: the penguins.

Tuesday, April 2
Time to see the dentist! Cooper sat next to me and observed before getting in the seat himself. :)

Parker is a pro at this whole dentist thing. ;)

Cooper's 1st official dentist visit. He did great!
Both my boys enjoy going to the dentist and doctor...they always have. I am sooo thankful for that. Wish you could have seen how cute they were proudly showing Clay and me their dentist trip treasures and treats. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, a pencil, stickers and a tatoo. Some kids might not get very excited over new toothbrushes and toothpaste, but let me tell ya, mine do! Parker watched as I put everything up in its place (he wanted to make sure he knew where his stuff was. ha!).

Thursday, April 4
A playdate with Mr. Gavin. He fit right in around here. We are looking forward to many more playdates in the future with this little fellow! :)

Thursday, April 4
Cleaning and organizing the toys...all the toys...every toy we have ever owned.

One huge thing marked off of my lengthy check list. And it only took me most of one day! The result: a much more organized play area. (and I have been amazed that after a week of playing, it still looks really good. Even when the toys are out, it just looks like less "stuff" and much neater, even though all we did we put away some of the more "infant" toys in an accessible bin for play for another day and purchase the five dollar, 3-tiered toy organizer to store smaller figurines and vehicles. Happy boys and Happy mama! ( I just realized that I need to take an "after" picture.)

...what I have been sweeping off of my kitchen floor almost every day the past two weeks. Playdough. Lots of playdough. We've been having fun in the kitchen. :)

Tuesday, April 9
Our little man lost his first tooth!

Our little man also got his face all scratched up on this very day. :( While shopping with the boys at Sam's Club for our sandwich supplies for an upcoming service project, our little man and mr. mr. got into a scrap over the cheese. Yes, the cheese. Cooper wanted to "hold" it. Parker wanted to save the cheese from Cooper "holding it." Cooper threw his hand out as if he was going to swat Parker and his little nails slid right down Parker's face. Ouch. He looked like quite the abused little boy for the next 24 hours. Poor thing. It made my heart sad. I snuggled him lots during the rest of that shopping trip.  (He already wasn't feeling well that day.) :(

Other than the brotherly battle, it was a successful shopping trip. Fifty loaves of bread, quite a few pounds of sliced turkey and 500+ slices of cheese later, we were out the door headed to Parker's first soccer practice of the season. (I must say that the 50 loaves of bread spread out on my floor and the stacked deli meat that offers quite the interesting smell each time I open our fridge, have worn out their welcome. It's time to get these sandwiches assembled and out the door! :))

Parker was excited to start up soccer Tuesday night. Last Fall, he had a blast with it...which only slightly thrilled his daddy. ;) We decided if we were going to endure more of this cold weather and possible snowy conditions this spring (smart choice, see below...) without any form of a backyard or enclosed non-destructive play area, that we were going to need to get these boys involved in more (ahem) active and enthusiastic entertainment. It should be a fun season. :)

Same day...
Before bedtime: Our special note left for the tooth fairy.
For free printable tooth fairy notes, go here. (Or you can click here, to see it under my Pinterest board.) Thank you Handmade Charlotte!!!
Parker was excited to wake up Wednesday morning to find a "whole dollar" and some Tooth Fairy sparkles and fairy dust from her wings on his mattress.

Thursday, April 11
Oh, and remember that shoveling I was doing the end of last month? Remind me next year not to worry about it. Thursday morning we woke up to this...
6 inches of heavy, blustery snowfall...that wasn't letting up anytime soon.

At least the inside of my home welcomes spring. ;) Would you believe I actually got out in this; I was NOT missing my MOPS meeting after not having it for like 4 weeks. It only took me an hour and 15 minutes to drive the 8.2 miles that it takes to get there. What an amazing MOPS meeting we had though; I always leave those events feeling so blessed and thankful and filled to the brim. :)

Guess what else happened on that snowy and blustery Thursday? Parker lost his second tooth. Sniff. We enjoyed another visit from the tooth fairy that evening.

Do you shop at Goodwill? As of this week, I do. There are some AMAZING deals to be found at this thrift store. Thursdays, all Toddler clothes and toys are half off, so the $3 shirts are now $1.50. Parker has practically no clothes for summer except for a few nice items I picked up on clearance at the end of last summer at a couple of my favorite I decided it was time to start picking up a few things for when the warm season decides to arrive. (Summer, please come soon!! We miss you!!)

Here are four that I grabbed off the rack for Parker. Two Polos that look practically brand new and two more casual shirts that are also in "like new" condition.

I picked up two polo style shirts for Cooper too. All for $1.50 a piece. Nice!

Here is something else that I learned about Goodwill...every week they have a different special on their books. On the pricing tag is a color: Green, Blue or Yellow. On Sunday's and Monday's, all books that have that week's designated color are half off, Tuesdays all books $1.49...but here's the killer deal: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of that week the books labeled with that color are only 15 cents! A dream come true for someone like myself who is more obsessed with books than the latest fashion trends in the women's section. :)

I picked up a few reads this trip that looked like fun for our boys. Do you see the one titled, "Baby's First Prayers"? My childhood Bible Drills teacher, Mrs. Linda B., gave Parker the similar one in yellow titled, "Baby's First Bible" and that little book was read and looked at so many times that the plastic hinge finally broke off in 2011 (we still have it and read it even with no hinge!). This particular book was a sensible choice as Cooper crawled into bed holding that little blue book last night begging me to read him several of the stories out of it. Precious.

I also picked up a few "gift" books that looked to be brand new. I just love finding deals like that!

The boys and I are excited to have Clay back in Minneapolis this month for his home base. We will get to see him a few extra days, which is always nice. Aahhh....there has been so much going on around here, I seriously probably wouldn't remember half of it if I didn't write. everything. down. :) Sorry if this post is random and all over the place. I hope when I go back and re-read it tomorrow after some sleep it will still make sense. ;) That's a quick recap though, and I promised our family pictures of dentist visits and a certain snaggle-toothed boy. :)

Random but true: As I sit here squinting my eyes to see the computer screen and what I am typing--because of course it's way past my "should be" bedtime--I don't want to go to bed because of Audio Adrenaline's song, "Kings and Queens". I slightly love it and don't want to stop listening to it. Maybe just one more time...ok, maybe three. But then, that is it! I am off to bed. We have an early morning ahead of us that involves assembling 500 sandwiches.

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