Friday, March 29, 2013

Us lately...

A craft that Parker made at school that I love on our balcony door. It's beautiful when the sun shines through!

Parker and some of his school friends at one of the boys' birthday parties - Eden Prairie Community Center. Super fun place! Must go there sometime for a playdate. (This pic was taken at the end of the 3 hr celebration...they were exhausted...full of energy still...but exhausted.)

Cooper had fun too.

Burn that energy. Run, run, Run!! ;)

The boys "helping" me clip coupons on our living room floor. (they also got to help me vacuum afterwards. :))

What our street consists of right now: mounds of snow heaped to every side of every driveway, slush, mud and salt.

I have put the boys to work helping me the last several days (when it has been warmer) to dump a little snow out on to the street. Melt snow Melt!!

Please disregard the cobwebs and dirt in the picture. Notice the "B" (aka paci) only please.

We do so love getting mail!! Thanks for our Easter package Rassie!

Watercolor painting and dominos while listening to one of my childhood "Silly Songs" tape. (The kids LOVE it so I like to pull it out from time to time just to see their giggles and cute dancing.)

Parker giving his Texas presentation to his friends at school. (It was precious; I videotaped.) My Texas blogpost will be up soon, but brace yourself, for it will be L.O.N.G. :)

A local dentist came to Parker's school to talk to the kids. For a few days after, this was Parker's ensemble:

I can't believe my baby is going to be in Kindergarten next Fall. Aaah! I just want him to stay little a little longer! P.S. He has two loose teeth that will be coming out soon! (his bottom two middle teeth)

Mrs. Holly (teacher at school) and Parker during "Circus Day." We love you Mrs. Holly!!

Parker and one of his good school friends, Grady, at the Circus Day finale.
It has been a busy and eventful last two weeks. Thankful for some warmer weather for the boys to be able to play outside this week. Enjoying a few days of just letting myself be "mom" and "homemaker"... nothing else. It has been a blast and very much needed! Missing dear hubby who is on a long trip over the Easter holiday. Looking forward to a special weekend with my two boys...

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