Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Four in the bed and an overflowing toilet...

2 a.m. rolls around and Cooper half-walks/half-runs into our bedroom with that same sleepy cry. I let him crawl up onto my side of the bed. 5:20 a.m. comes along and Parker taps his dad on the arm telling him that he's cold and asking if he will snuggle him. Cooper snores on. Clay lets Parker climb up on the bed and sleep on the only space left on our queen size bed...the left edge. I don't know about my husband but I didn't get much sleep the rest of the morning. (I would bank on the probability that he didn't either) ;)

Sometime between 6:30 and 7:30 later that morning, Parker got up to go downstairs and watch his typical early morning cartoons. A few minutes thereafter, we hear a hollering from below, "Dad! The toilet won't quit running! Dad! The toilet is overflowing!" That's all it took for dear hubby to leap out of bed, feet barely touching the floor before he hit the steps to head down two levels below. (Hmmm, I wish I had recorded the fast action that took place that early morning for the next time he tells me his body just doesn't function very well after waking...especially before 11am in the morning. ;))

The last time this happened (late last fall I believe) Cooper had decided to flush his diaper. You know, there should have been a lot of thoughts that immediately popped into my head after both of the two toilet incidences, but all I could think on those two unique mornings was, "Thank you, Lord, that my husband is home." :) When the lower level toilet overflows, it leaks into the utility room. The utility room where we store all of our luggage, the baby changing table, and a few boxes and other miscellaneous items. So, when there is water draining from the bathroom to the utility room, we have to take everything out of the utility room until the room completely dries. Fun stuff. (There are 2 things in that room that I can't lift and a few other things that I would rather not attempt lifting.) So the fact that hubby has been home during these two random occurrences makes me smile. The Lord is looking out for me. :)

(Some of you are probably wondering if I captured pictures of this whole episode. Well no, I didn't think Clay would think too fondly of that at the time. :) You can just picture standing water about an inch thick in our lower bathroom and, of course shortly thereafter, a living room filled with luggage, boxes and all sorts of exciting things. ;))

Since I don't have any pictures to share from yesterday morning, I will post a few other randoms:
1. Cooper in mix-matched pj's wearing his workman's bench goggles while deep in play one early morning (notice the boo boo band aid on his forehead :))
2 & 3. Documented: our first day to play outside with the scooters this year - March 22 (streets and driveways clear, yards...not so much.)

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