Friday, July 12, 2013

a trip to my Southern state

Mississippi Summers= 
Fireflies, family gatherings, sweltering humidity, easy tans, magnolia trees, muddy toes in the green grass, bubbles all around, white pants, painted toes, baskin' robbins treats, pearls with every outfit, summer sandals, and fresh peaches and berries.

The first several years after moving to Minnesota, I would find myself getting home to Mississippi quite frequently. This due to many factors: the majority of my business was in the South, my dad's health was going down fast, friends weddings were happening every other month...we had no friends or connections up North, Clay was flying all the time, so why not? :) Over the last two to three years, we have not been able to get down there nearly as often as we would like. It is a blessing in one way because we now have such a strong base up here: church, friends, our kids activities, community events, and the breathtaking outdoors here in Minnesota keeps us happily busy and occupied with life. In another way however, we find ourselves desperately homesick for family and friends back home. So much that by the time we find ourselves visiting our loved ones, we (Clay and I) joke about how pathetic we are. Honestly, from the time the plane lands in Memphis, TN or Houston, TX (well, maybe the day after we land...after we've had a good night's sleep and have caught up on a little rest...flying non-rev with kids is no small task) we are just like our kids vying for our parents' attention: "Mom, look at me! Look at me!" haha!

Our family is amazing about it though. They love us, care for us, tend to us, spoil us, listen to us (and listen, and listen and listen...) :) Bless our sweet family and friends.

We were thankful to get a good summer dose of Mississippi during the beautiful month of June. The boys got in great family time with the grands, the great's, and pretty much everyone in between. :) I rang in my 30th birthday here, saw family and friends, watched Parker attend his very first Vacation Bible School at my hometown church with my childhood Bible Drills leader (what a blessing this was! Mrs. Karen has always been and always will be amazing!! She raised 4 children...3 of them boys so she knows what's she's doing!), and the most fun part of all...seeing the huge grins of pure happiness on my sweet little men's faces as they enjoyed the simplicity of it all. I will let the pictures below speak for themselves.




Thanks to each of you for making our trip so very special. We enjoyed seeing y'all and appreciate your sharing part of your summer with us. Thanks to my precious mama for making me feel like royalty (as usual) while in Grenada--because if anyone saw me when I landed in Memphis that warm day in latter May, you would know I certainly looked far from anything having to do with royalty. My sweet mama treated me to a pedicure, haircut, new clothes, shoes, jewelry...seriously, I felt like a new person when I left for the Memphis airport headed to our next destination. Bless her heart, when I landed in Memphis last Fall, the day after I flew in, she told me to shower and dress and we were going shopping. I said, "For what?" She said, "Honey, I hated to tell you this but I wanted to cry when I saw you get off the airplane in those jeans yesterday!" haha! Yep. It was pretty bad...and I don't think this time was much better. Well, thank goodness that's one of the things mama's are for...and thank goodness mine just so happens to be from the South--she knows how to shop! ;) I love you, mama. Thanks for sharing some Southern style with me. I needed it. :)