Sunday, July 28, 2013

Moms Connect Leadership Retreat 2013

Today I was blessed to be able to attend Wooddale's Moms Connect Leadership Retreat with this fabulous group of women (Vanessa, I am so sorry but blogger is cutting off your sweet self in both the group pics :(  Boo.) The retreat was held at the Minikahda Club Paddle House in Minneapolis. Seeing so many of these women after the summer break and getting to fellowship together was definately a highlight of my weekend. LOVE these women so much. They consistently inspire me to be a greater woman of Christ, a better wife and a better mother. So excited to work with them again this year! A slight change from last year, I will be attending the evening group in Edina instead of the morning group at Eden Prairie due to a change in my family's schedule.

I am starting a new job tomorrow.

Transitioning once again, from work-at-home mom to a working outside the home mama. This go round, I have been at home for 1 year and 4 months. My first lay off in Minnesota took place in January 2009...January 15 to be exact. I remember the day well because it was the two year anniversary of my dad's passing. It made sense for our family for me to stay at home for awhile, but then the time came for me to jump back in the workforce which led to a new job start in spring of 2011. One year later, history repeated itself. Tragic at the time, but a blessing in disguise. That's usually how it works isn't it? :) So much going on this past year...thankful to have had more flexibility with my schedule to be able to be at home with the boys and make precious memories with them. I have cherished being with them this past year...treasured and documented the not-so-good moments as well as the incredible ones.

Though I look at this change as being bittersweet, I am going to embrace the opportunities that come with it. This first month before the boys start school will be a little bit tricky and challenging, but I anticipate that come the second week in September, we will feel like old pro's. :) I feel so thankful that for this initial transition the boys are with our Texas family living it up and enjoying the spoils that having 3 aunts, 1 uncle, 1 set of grandparents and 1 great-grandparent brings. Yesterday I got a few pictures from KK and Nana...any guesses where they were?

If you guessed the circus you are correct. Word has it that they had a good time. ;) I think everyday in Texas with this crew is a grand adventure for our boys.
Thank you so much Nana, Poppie and girls for taking care of our boys for a little bit for us. We appreciate it so much!! Please give them big hugs and kisses from their mama and daddy. :)

...oh, and just in case you are wondering, the crazy hats were part of the party. :) I chose to decorate mine with things that reflect me: hot wheels cars (all over our house with 2 boys), pen (I love to write), a moms connect business card (because I am passionate about this group and in growing in Christ with other women of faith), a piece of Lindor dark chocolate (no explanation needed there ;)), a tube of MK lip gloss (love my lip gloss and I sell it), an airplane (a passion is traveling and I am married to a pilot), a book (yes, I hung a book from my hat because books are that much a part of me!), a bullet (as of June this year, I am legal to carry a gun in Minnesota...which makes my husband quite proud...which I think is cute), and of course photographs of our family (once again, no explanation needed.) And finally, to represent a Southern background, a handmade purchase tag hanging off the side just like my fellow Southerner Minnie Pearl would have flaunted. ;)

And now it's off to this bed for this working mama...wish me luck! :)