Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lake Ann Beach and Summer fun!

A couple of weeks ago the boys and I went for an afternoon play at Lake Ann Beach. One thing I love about this state is the vast number of lakes that surround us. You don't have to drive far to find a lake to either fish in, boat in, or swim in! At many of the lakes, there are walking paths through the surrounding woods, baseball fields with games going on, playgrounds, concession stands...the whole works. Love this. We are blessed to live within walking distance to three different parks!!! The free outdoor entertainment areas literally saved us last summer after our move, and has been just as enjoyable for us this summer, though we have not frequented them quite as much as last year.

Clay and I took them out to Lake Ann late one afternoon for a ride in their Ford pickup truck through the beach area and the walking trails. Not having a yard, the boys have not ridden in the Power Wheels much this summer. It has been a fun treat the few times Clay has loaded up "Little Blue" in Troublemaker and let the boys take a wild spin through the vast, "power-wheels-kid-friendly" region that Lake Ann has to offer. Parker has definately earned his Power Wheels license by maneuvering "Little Blue" through some of the woodsy and hilly trails around Lake Ann, through the picnic area beside the beach, and the steeper, green hills that rise and slope around the active baseball and soccer fields. And when Cooper drives...well, it is full-speed ahead all the way. Watch out on-lookers! ;)