Monday, October 12, 2009

acorns + leaves + Parker = lots of favorite pictures!

I am so thankful that yesterday afternoon Clay & I took Parker to the park, because this morning we woke up to this...and it hasn't let up yet!

Sunday afternoon, we ventured out to Cleary Lake Park for a few less than 20 minutes I had taken over 100 pictures & decided the drive out there was well worth it! Parker enjoyed picking up acorns, crunching & diving into the leaves, & running around with his daddy. It was the first time he had ever worn gloves (versus mittens). He was fascinated with them at first & had a little trouble holding on to his treasures that he found on the ground, but I was pleasantly surprised at how patient he was with the new gloves & how quickly he caught on!

Clay was telling Parker all about the acorns; Parker was excited to learn about these newfound treasures.
About one quarter of the leaves had changed colors out at the park...ahem, I would love to see the park in its beautiful fall glory..."Winter, can you pretty please wait another month or so before you send us another snowfall?! I would really appreciate it!"

I am so thankful for our simple, everyday moments such as this.

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