Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oink Oink!

Warning: You do not want to visit the Nolen household right now; apparently, with all the great memories that we brought back from Disney, we also brought the piggy flu & pnemonia along with us. We knew we were coming down with something towards the end of the trip (Parker had been running fever since Friday morning & Clay & I started feeling a little under the weather on Saturday) but catching the ever-dreaded swine flu was not what we were expecting.

Usually, when we return from a trip, all of the bags are unpacked, goods are stored away, laundry is done...everything is in its place within the first 24 hrs of being home...at this point, I'm averaging 1 bag a day. ha!

Parker was scheduled for his pediatrician yesterday morning where the doctor informed us that he had pnemonia (which I was told can be a symptom of the flu); Clay & I went to urgent care yesterday afternoon, took the flu test, & tested positive.

3 sets of antiobiotics later, along with a quick trip to the store to pick up some warm soups, plenty of gatorade & a few other needed items, we were headed home for the day! One fun thing about it is that for I think the first time since we've been married --ooh wait, make that the second time!--we have a yummy looking ice cream tub in our freezer. I found out tonight, that when my husband is not feeling well, many of the comfort foods that don't usually occupy our freezer are justified by sore throats & lack of energy to cook or work in the kitchen. As we strolled down the aisles of Rainbow, Clay said, "Parker, would you like Daddy to get you some ice cream?" :) We were just getting ready to check out & my dear hubby hollars out, "Pick up a frozen pizza too, baby!" wink. My husband is too funny sometimes; it just cracks me up.

Last night, I was sooo thankful that Parker had something new & fun to occupy his "busy time" (since Clay & I weren't feeling 100% to play). My dear friend Tressa had decided to give Parker her boys' cool "Shake 'n Go Race Track," which we had just received Sunday evening upon returning. Thank you so much, Tressa! It was such a lifesaver for Clay & me & I can't tell you how much Parker loves it! He wouldn't put 2 of the cars down to eat his breakfast this morning, so they just sat up in his highchair with him. :) What a perfect thing for a child to have when you're just getting off from an action-packed, fun-filled week...hmmm, this might be something to remember for future. Note to self: Be prepared. Have something new & fun planned (whether an outing, activity or a new toy) for kids when getting back from a long trip...will protect parent's sanity.

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valerie said...

So sorry y'all are puny this week, but I'm glad you had a good time at Disney and that the Childs got to meet Parker for the first time!!