Tuesday, October 6, 2009

...my dear Nana

Oh how I love it when my Nana comes to visit!
She adores to spoil me so...who am I to argue?!
Books to read, new clothes to wear...Nana, may I please sit in your lap some more?
"Of course you can!" says my Nana.
I do know how much she loves to rock me, so it is all right if she puts me down to sleep & I cry a bit. For I know she will pick me up & rock me some more! I will do it again for Nana's feelings! :)

It's party time when Nana arrives!
For even when it rains every day while she's here, you know we will find fun things to do...like shopping at the Mall of America, running errands & eating out at fun places. Playing with my toys, all the activity around the house...there's never a dull moment in store!

Thank you for coming to play, Nana!
Please, let's do it again soon...but can you bring Poppie next time too, for he's so much fun & makes me laugh?!
Here's a big "Mmaaahh" from me to you...I love you so...until next time my dear Nana.

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