Tuesday, July 13, 2010

enjoying our summer days...

I still have a couple of Mississippi posts to share, including some more favorite pics taken while there. My time on the computer has been few and far between the last several days, but I have been busy making summer memories!!! The little squirt is keeping me on my toes, my hubby has had some days at home...nice...and the "nesting" phase is in full swing (well, I'm calling it that...whether it's just me or true nesting, I'll never know!) The weather has been beautiful in this neck of the woods, so our little family has been spending extra time outdoors lately. Here are a few things we've been up to over the last several days.

Beachtime with friends at a nearby lake, yard work (can I just say that seeing my husband take those trees out --uh, I mean bushes-- with that chainsaw was quite the turn on. ha! Gotta love a guy with tools in arms!), pressure washing the garage, playtime at the zoo with friends, and a bonfire (complete with delicious smores!) with neighbors. It's a close tie between what was more fun: enjoying the warm grahams smothered with marshmellows and melted chocolate or throwing all our yard waste and the last of our "moving" boxes into the fire!!! I actually made Clay get a piece of wood to "rake" the ashes into a neater little pile while burning because it bothered me that the ashes were all spread out after the burning of about 40 boxes! Me, an organizational freak...nah, never! ;)

Other fun things we have been up to...having friends over to play in the backyard, organizing the basement...again, unpacking my scrapbooking stuff (yes!!!), grilling out with our neighbors, being spoiled with Buzz's yummy welcome-to-the-neighborhood chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (it only took me 2 days to devour the entire plate...thanks again Buzz!), serious grocery shopping to prepare for family coming into town in just a few days, a Red Box movie with my husband, a little gym time, church and lunch with friends, pulling weeds in the flower beds, watching Parker excitedly jump on his bike every time we walk out the door, baby appt (i'm 28 weeks now...baby Nolen is growing and quite the active little thing! The doctor laughed on Monday as he watched the kicks while I was laying on the table; I truly didn't think I could have a more active baby when I was pregnant with Parker...I was wrong. Clay still is astonished that I get any sleep at night as much as it kicks and moves :))

So, I guess that's about it. We've just been enjoying our summer days together. Be back soon with more fun pictures from Mississippi!

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