Thursday, July 22, 2010

a visit with family

Loving having Clay's family up for a visit!!! Nana, Poppie and the girls flew in last week for an extended trip; I laugh at my previous thinking that this was going to be "just a relaxing visit". It has been a fun, crazy whirlwind of busyness with loved ones this last week. Most of the busyness has come from their kindness in helping us with some to do's that needed to be done in the new home and to prepare for Baby #2 this fall. I can't express enough appreciation towards their generosity and time in helping us get so much done. Between crossing off "to do's" and much visiting, we have enjoyed countless hours of warm sunshine, cookouts, pedicures :), movie nights, and other exciting ventures.

I am feeling very blessed right now to have so many special memories with family this summer.

P.S. I can't wait to peruse through my hundreds of pictures; I can sense quite a few cute scrapbooking layouts in the near future!!!

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