Thursday, July 8, 2010

my Mississippi girlfriends

One of the best things about flying back to Mississippi is getting to see my girlfriends. I am so blessed to have an amazing group of girls from elementary, jr high, highschool, and college that I am still so close to! Although some of them I might only see once a year (or less!), our conversations always seem to pick up right where we left off the last time. Many of my highschool girlfriends I see multiple times a year...that's one of the nice things about our age right now...everyone is still either getting married or having babies! Lots of excuses to fly home! :)

As a matter of fact, there was a fabulous baby shower for my girlfriend, Meredith, a couple of weekends ago. She is due with twins this fall...a boy and a girl!!! I am so happy for she and Bruce. Meredith was just radiating at the event; I know her family is thrilled and can't for these two bundles to arrive! The hostesses of the shower had the home adorned with beautiful bouquets of pastel flowers, a delicious assortment of brunch edibles, McCarty and Peter's Pottery to decorate and to serve, and the perfect flair of Southern charm to go around.

The visits with friends and good company is one of the perks of attending a hometown shower. :)

A few of us girls who attended the shower: Laura K, Mindy, Meagan, Carrie, Meredith and Grace

The two expecting moms of the bunch...mine and Meredith's due date are within a week of each other, but with twins she will be delivering about a month earlier than me!

During our Jackson trip, I was able to catch up with a few of my college/work girlfriends. Unfortunately, my camera chose to fog up from the MS humidity and didn't work for 24 hrs, so I'm thankful for their camera phones!
Left: Maya and Carrie   Right: Susan and Carrie
The three of us worked together at a law office in MS while I was in college; Maya and Susan are still there shaking things up and making great things happen! I love these two so much, though we don't get to see each other nearly as often as I'd like! (And yes, I look tired...the traveling was starting to take a toll on me by this point in the trip!)

Ava and I met up at Newk's Cafe in Brandon for a quick lunch. I wish the visit could have lasted hours longer; every time we get together time ends the conversation before the chatter runs out. Ava and I were college roommates. She always amazes me with her creativity and talent, and is one of the most thoughtful people I know.

At the beginning of my visit in MS, I was able to see this longtime girlfriend and her precious boy, Jack (who I got the pleasure of holding and cuddling for a few minutes.) Parker instantly bonded with Jack and enjoyed reading a book with him. :) I can only hope that it will be that perfect between he and his future little sibling this fall. ;) Terra and I are fortunate to be able to see each other often (well, at least during each of my trips back home) so conversation picks up as if we've seen each other the day before in the local grocery store.
I was able to get together with many other fabulous friends and wish I had taken pictures with them all!!!
Thanks to each of you for your friendship! I love ya'll and hope to see many of you this winter!

"The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart."
Elisabeth Foley


Meredith Warf said...

Hey friend!! Such great pics:) So glad I got to see you!! You look wonderful and I can't wait to meet Nolan#2:-) Won't holidays in Grenada be so much fun this year! We must go ahead and set a big play date for all our babies:-)

schopmaya said...

Hey Carrie! I enjoyed our visit. Yes, you are right.. Really good friends can just pick up right where we left off. Miss you!