Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a brother's love

Parker, this picture was taken less than 24 hours before your little brother was born. Throughout this whole pregnancy, you loved to pat and kiss my tummy and tell the baby "hi." Your daddy and I knew that you would be an amazing big brother...we can't wait for the upcoming days to watch you and Cooper grow and play together!

This was your expression when you saw your little brother for the first time...awe and wonderment. I LOVE that this special moment was captured!
You love giving him lots of hugs and kisses and often tell us that, "Baby Cooper needs a hug and a kiss." Then you tell us, "I wuv Baby Cooper. Baby Cooper wuvs me too."

Yes, he does love you Parker...very much.

You are so good and gentle with him. We love that you want to show him all of your toys and share your things with him. What a big helper you are too! You like to help give him his Nunu and his lovie and always want to make sure he has everything that he "needs."

The other day you came up to my not-so-big-tummy-anymore and said as you patted my stomach, "There's no more baby in mama's tummy." It's amazing to us how well you understand this whole transition. From the first day you saw Cooper, you were calm and yet excited to finally have a sibling. Most of the time, you are very patient and willing to wait when I have to tend to Cooper's needs immediately, even if it means putting off what I was doing with you for a few minutes. You are incredible, Parker.

Help your brother grow, learn and play, Parker. Though he might not be big enough now for soccer, baseball, cars and trucks...the day will come when playtime will last for hours between the two of you. Be patient with him and love him. Continue to give him lots of sweet hugs and kisses. Your daddy and I hope that this innocent and pure love that you have for Cooper now will continue and last between the two of you for the rest of your days.

Your daddy and I are so proud of you, Parker. We love you.
Mama and Daddy

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Ali said...

This is all so precious and I know I say this every time but you are seriously gorgeous! I can't believe how good you look just after pushin that baby out!