Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life with two precious boys...

Life is fun with our two precious boys.
Life is also busier with our two precious boys.

I didn't expect it to be any different than busier though...which is why I worked like a mad dog on projects, cleaning and organizing galore before sweet Cooper arrived. :)
I have about 16 blog post ideas scribbled on a piece of paper that I can't wait to share, but they will just have to wait a little longer. I am having too much fun being a "new mom to an infant" again and being entertained by our "so big" toddler. Though it may seem funny to some, I have felt huge satisfaction and accomplishment just in the little things such as showering and getting dressed every day (even if some days it is 3:00 in the afternoon before that gets done), putting away much of my maternity clothes to make more room in hubby's and my joint closet, staying on top of daily mail and simple to do's, having the house look and feel clean (which I have really had practically nothing to do mom and mom-in-love have totally stepped up to the plate for this thankful that Nana is able to still be here to continue with the help for a little bit longer!) and having at least a few quiet and simple moments with each of my boys individually every day...even if it's just to read a book together or to sing a few songs.

I am absolutely and totally in love with my life right now and am so thankful that God has blessed us with this new addition to our growing family.

I'll be back soon with lots of fun posts...Cooper's birth story, big brother moments, recent scrapbooking projects, and of course...more of our everyday moments...

But for now, here are a couple more pictures of our precious two.

Cooper at one week old
taken at home on Monday, Oct 18, 2010

Parker at 2 years and 9 months at the neighborhood park

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