Thursday, December 9, 2010

Among family...

Last Sunday, after all the Thanksgiving festivities, the boys and I flew down to MS for an upcoming special event. All last week, we enjoyed visiting with grandparents and more... (the "more" I am referring to will be shared upon later). Each of the grandparents and great-grandparents that we were able to see were thrilled to be able to see and meet the newest addition to the family.

...this week, we have been in full focus wedding mode. It has brought back many memories of the week before our wedding in 2005; those last minute details seem to take every second of each day up until the main event. Calligraphy, PowerPoint, pictures, white gift wrapping, tuxes and ties, dresses and boots, nails and jewelry, seating charts, itineraries, gift baskets and notes...making sure not a single detail is overlooked. 

The last 24 hours has been mad chaos, but so special. Time has been spent with both brother and has started arriving...Parker and Cooper have been amazing through all the busyness (thank you Aunt LaLa and Papa for your help today!)...hubby arrives tonight to join in the festivities (well, I guess I should say this morning since it will be 1:30am when he walks through the door)...everything is coming together.

Now I'm off to bed and early to rise! Busy day ahead...

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