Sunday, December 5, 2010


Shelly, a friend of mine, came over for a visit a couple of weeks ago. While she was there she snapped a few pictures of Cooper. I appreciated her capturing some sweet shots of my little babe in the moment. Shelly has decided to turn her passion of photography into a excited for you Shelly!
Photo taken by Shelly Peters

I enjoyed the visit, Shelly, and I know Parker had a fun playhour with Wesley. Thank you so much for snapping a couple of quick shots of Cooper! You are such a gifted and creative person; I can't wait to see where you take these talents with your new business! I wish you the best and can't wait to see you again soon!

Last week I purchased a container for my winter emergency kit for the car (as opposed to throwing extra coats, scarves and items in the back of the trunk and leaving them there for 6 months only to be covered in dirt and icy stuff by the end of winter). Excited to have this done. Now I just have to throw in the blankets, gloves, flashlight and other necessities and we'll be set...wish I had done this before Cooper's Sip n See in Chanhassen. :) Oh well, better late than never! Winter storm comes our way during a drive and we'll be prepared.

Speaking of being prepared for emergencies, I'm thinking of keeping a bag or two of these chocolate treats in the car for "just in case" moments. My Aunt Cindy would agree that chocolate is a necessity in any given emergency.

Found a new favorite candy...Almond m&m's...why am I just now discovering these?! If you've never tried these, run (and I do mean run!) to your nearest grocery store; from my understanding they're a little bit harder to find.

Another random topic...Over the last several weeks, I've had some people inquire as to what kind of camera I use and whether or not I am the one taking the pictures that are posted on my blog.

First, the camera that goes with me everywhere everyday is the Canon Powershot SD 960. I love this little camera (although my husband would scoff at my saying that considering I talk in my sleep about my dream camera...the digital SLR that I am saving to purchase. :) However, my husband did good with this one. When my previous point and shoot camera was stolen last year in Mexico, Clay went out and bought me this one. I really do love it and appreciate its quality. If you're wanting the best point-and-shoot on the market, this one is (or was last year) the best one to get.

Secondly, yes I do take all of the pictures that are posted on the blog unless I give credit otherwise (which is usually posted directly beneath a specific picture.) The only editing I usually do to mine is to remove red eye and crop. Most of the pictures shown are a glimpse of our everyday life (hence the blog title). I just like to document the simple things in addition to the big events. :)

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Laura said...

Thanks for the camera info, Carrie!!! Hugs.