Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ashleigh and Michael's Summer Wedding in Mississippi

Photo credit: Sarah Hollinger

Photo Credit: Facebook...taken by ???


photo credit: Sarah Hollinger
photo credit: Sarah Hollinger
photo credit: Sarah Hollinger
photo credit: Sarah Hollinger
photo credit: Sarah Hollinger

photo credit: Sarah Hollinger

When Ashleigh and Michael decided that their summer wedding was to be in Mississippi this year, I was silly with excitement. That meant a nice, long trip back home seeing as many friends and family as possible prior to wedding events and then on to help with pre-wedding festivities. When July arrived, I realized it had been approximately a year and 2 months since I had been back to Mississippi for an extended period of time. I was in need of this...desperately.

The whole trip was blissful. Pre-wedding, wedding and after-wedding...

The first time I met Michael, I got this huge grin on my face and shook my head as I listened to him speak and watched him with Ashleigh. He is Clay Nolen made over. Yup. He is going to fit in really well in this family. Parker told Michael that he was not allowed to go on this ski trip with us unless there was a ring on Aunt Ashee's finger. ha ha! So what happened a few weeks prior to the ski trip? Michael proposed. Ashleigh said yes. And Parker got to play with Mr. Michael in Crested Butte, Colorado. :) Everyone was happy. After contemplating for a number of weeks on whether or not the wedding would be held in Texas or Mississippi, the decision was made. The wedding was to be the first of many held in the new First Baptist Church sanctuary in Grenada, Mississippi. The night before the wedding everyone happily toasted many blessings and well wishes the soon-to-married couple at the Grenada Country Club. And after the blissful couple said their "I Do's," they danced and celebrated at Golladay Hall, the grand antebellum home in downtown Grenada, owned now by her aunt and uncle.

Each detail of this wedding and its festivities was lovingly thought out and made to happen. Special things such as the Magnolia leaves that were handpicked by the bride and her family one early afternoon out on ancestrial land in Decatur, Mississippi down to the hand-strewn lit tissue pom poms that adorned the reception tent. LOVE the creativity and resourcefulness of this family!!! It was so neat seeing each of the little details come to life!

Clay and I were thankful and so happy to be a part of this grand family celebration. And Michael...welcome to the family!!!! :) Congratulations Ashleigh and Michael!!! We love you!


valerie said...

Finally! Love the pictures! I had SUCH a good time seeing all of you! I was thrilled to have a more extended time visiting everyone as well.

Drew Watts said...

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