Saturday, August 4, 2012

pajama day at home!

It is 2:15pm on Saturday and both my kids are still happily in their pjs. Lazy days like this don't frequent our home, so when Parker asked me what we were going to do today and I responded, "What would you like to do today?" he exclaimed, "Play at home and watch movies!" Well, all right then.

Before our family went to DisneyWorld back in 2009 (you can read about our adventures here, herehere, here, and here) Nana and Poppie sent us these Disney Sing Along DVDs to help Parker get familiar with each of the characters. Since he was pretty young, we wanted him to see as many of the friendly faces as possible before we reached the park. Happy kids, happy trip. ;) It worked. He only cried with one to two of the characters. To this day, he and Cooper LOVE to watch these DVDs. These three are definately in his top ten list of requested movies. Parker says he likes the music in them and that they are fun to dance to.

This morning when I asked him to pick out a DVD of his choice, guess which one he went for? Yep. Disneyland Fun. Now he is on to Cars, Cooper is down for a nap and I am blogging. YES!

Shortly before lunch, Cooper did request to go outside by going upstairs, picking up his tennis shoes and pointing to the door, so we did enjoy a quick pajama stroll around the neighborhood. (well, I was dressed, but the boys got to stay in their pjs!) It rained and stormed all last night and this morning, so the temps were actually pretty cool...nice.

After feeling like a zombie for the latter half of the day yesterday (because some fool --aka me--decided it would be ok to take 2 Benadryls for allergies at lunchtime) I was ready for an easy day at home today. Yesterday, I seriously just prayed for the energy to function to take care of the boys until bedtime. Previously in the week, I had made plans for us in the afternoon so being at home was not an option. Luckily, I had put a roast and some vegetables in the crockpot earlier in the morning, so supper was a no-brainer. The day before I had spent a number of hours in the kitchen preparing some meals to have ready in the freezer for some girlfriends who would be in need of meals soon. One of those meals was being taken to my wonder-mom friend Michelle, mom of 3 who broke her arm earlier in the week. I called her yesterday afternoon and she laughed when I told her my "woozy" story. She had felt my pain when on Monday the doctors doped her up with pain medicine for her arm. I did pretty good. My thoughts were focused enough to at least remember the chicken spaghetti and salad...I only left the bread at home. :)

We stayed at her house for a good hour and half to let the kids play and do mostly as they wished and then headed over to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum for some fresh air fun. It was free day for all Chanhassen/Carver residents; I had written it in my calendar and woozy or not, was determined to take the kids. Six o'clock that evening we rolled into the lush nature reserve ready for a quick stroll followed by a drive through the 3 mile scenic road. My goal was to make it until 7pm when we could head home, serve plates and I could get the kids in bed (they went to sleep with dirty feet last night! No way were they were getting baths! That would have spelled total disaster. ha!) The short stroll left us all wanting more, so we will be returning on a day when we can spend more time walking through the gardens and nature trails. It seemed like far too much work yesterday to take out my camera for pictures, but I did manage to snap a few photos during our time on the scenic drive.

Ahh, this gets me sooo excited for Fall!!! In just a short time these leaves will be painted with beautiful orange, red, yellow, and brown colors! But for now...we will enjoy the rest of what this Minnesota summer has for us.

And yes, the boys went to bed safe and sound at 8:00 with happy hearts last night. Their mama passed out shortly after...that is, until the winds and thunderstorms woke me up around two o'clock in the morning. All right, I am off to work on my Mississippi blog posts that are long overdue, before tackling some laundry! Happy Weekend! ..and Happy Happy Birthday to the bestest brother in the whole wide world! Love you Taylor!!

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