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Disneyworld 2009 - Part 3

Day 7: Hollywood Studios & Magic Kingdom
Happy Birthday Poppie!

"Today was a special day. It was Poppie's birthday & we had a special birthday celebration planned for him later in the evening. But first, we had lots of other fun things on our agenda! We started our day at Hollywood Studios. Aunt KK took Daddy on some fun roller coasters while Mama, Nana & Poppie took me to see the Playhouse Disney show to see Mickey & friends, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins & more! Then mama, Nana & Poppie took me to get pics with Mickey & friends inside the Magic of Disney Animation building. Mama said we got lucky because we not only missed the rain, but also got to see extra characters because of the weather...usually Minnie, Pluto & some of the others are scattered throughout the park but they were all inside this building due to weather...not many people knew that so we didn't have to wait in lines!!! Genie decided I was his new friend & walked me over to several of his buddies; we had a good time. Mama finally had to come get me because it was time to go."

"After leaving Hollywood Studios, we rode over to Magic Kingdom for Poppie's birthday celebration at Cinderella's castle. One of the benefits of being a guest at the castle is getting your picture made with Cinderella; I thought she was really pretty."
"Mama let me go up to the window & watch the firework show while we were waiting on our meal. Then after a delicious supper Cinderella's friends & the fairy godmother came out to visit with us. The Fairy godmother sang a really pretty song...she rubbed Daddy's head as she was passing us was really funny."
"Mama & Daddy bounced with me through the park as we closed it down. We were THE very last people in the park this evening, so we had fun dancing through Main Street as we leisurely made our way out."
"Just as we were about to leave Main Street, it started sprinkling. I had fun running around & playing in the drizzles!"
"When we got back to the condo, it was my bedtime. The adults stayed up to watch Poppie open his birthday presents then it was off to bed for everyone!"

Day 8: Epcot
"Aunt KK had to go home today :(
Daddy, Mama & I went to Epcot early this morning while Nana & Poppie stayed to say a last farewell to Aunt KK. Just as we were walking into the park, Daisy walked out for pics. Mama ran to get in the first of the line for us so we hardly had to wait! Mama was excited about this! Next, mama & daddy took me to the Character Greeting Spot where we got to see Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy & Donald. I smiled for Mickey & Pluto, kissed Minnie, & wanted to play & show Pluto & Goofy the cool backdrop behind them. Mama said it was a good thing she took so many pictures with the characters on this trip because over half of them were blurry or had me looking in the other direction! ha!"
"After taking pics with the bunch, I was ready to go somewhere else. Mama & Daddy took me to ride the Nemo & friends again; I really liked that one. I was so excited to get to walk through the acquarium & see all the fish, sharks, dolphins & turtles too! We took our time walking through the different exhibits!"

"Daddy even played with me in the play area (aka "shark house!") He climbed up in the shark with me to take a picture!"
"Perfect timing! Nana & Poppie were walking up to meet us just as we were leaving the area! We headed straight for lunch because we were hungry! After lunch, Daddy took me on the Circle of Life ride again while Nana & Carrie had fastpasses for Soarin. Then they switched & Nana & Daddy went on Soarin' while Mama watched me. Mama & Daddy both tried to get me to nap...unsuccessfully. We walked over to Epcot at this point; Mama, Daddy & I met Nana & Poppie over there. On the way, we stopped for a quick photo opp with Donald in Mexico. Mama said she couldn't believe how lucky we were getting with short or no lines this trip!"
"Dinner was at France at the Bistro de Paris..Mama & Daddy both said it was INCREDIBLE! Mama said that after the chocolate cake, the salmon came in a close second!"
"It's fireworks time again! Daddy, did you reserve my favorite spot...on your shoulders?"
"Epcot at night."

Day 9: Animal Kingdom

The resort that we stayed at...our condo was in a different building. Gorgeous area!!!
"Today we had to say goodbye to Poppie. He had to get back to work. I woke up running a fever so we stayed in this morning to rest. Nana cooked bacon, eggs & biscuits for breakfast; it was so yummy! I played while the kitchen was cleaned up & mama did laundry. Today was the day I got my first burn...on mama's hair hurt...mama was sad for me. I took a long nap with Daddy while Nana got ready for the day & mama walked around the resort area. Mama said she got lots of pretty pictures of the flowers, the lakes, & other simple things around the place. She also went to the main lobby to get a coke & got lost on her way there. Good thing there were workers around to ask for directions!
After my nap, I was feeling good so we left for Animal Kingdom to see Mickey's Jungle Parade. We landed a terrific spot where we could all see & were comfortable. Daddy went in the pizza place we were standing in front of & bought us pizza & drinks to enjoy during the parade. It was fun seeing all the creativity in this parade...lots of cool animals!"
"The Lion King was our next venture... I liked this show a lot. Mama said my mouth was open in amazement for most of the show. We stopped for some neat photo opps along the way to A Bug's Life show..I wasn't too crazy about this show. I took my glasses off & chose to bury my face in daddy's chest.
After walking a bit, we headed towards the Tusker House Restaurant for supper. We had to wait a little while, so we were ready to sit down & eat when it was our turn to go inside. I ate a good dinner, but I scared mama & daddy afterwards by face-planting on the concrete floors afterwards when I was playing. I busted my lip. We left at that point."
Even after running a fever, burning his hand, & busting his lip, this is how you found Parker at 8pm walking through the park....can I please have some of that energy?!
"Mama, Daddy, Nana & I went over to Downtown Disney to do a little shopping after dinner since it was still early. Actually, I fell asleep not long after we got there...I just left the shopping to the others. Mama said she wanted to take a picture of all of shopping bags before we left. Nana had made the comment when we walked in to the park that she wondered what people bought that caused them to have loads of bags in their arms when they leave...she says she now knows."

Day 10: Visit with Aunt Cindy & Uncle John & Magic Kingdom
"My first time to meet great-aunt Cindy & great-uncle John!!!
Mama & Aunt Cindy talked prior to the weekend & they worked it out to meet for lunch at Downtown Disney on Saturday for a quick visit & to meet Parker! They suprised me with a present...a flip cell phone & a set of toy keys! I played with it during most of the lunch! Thank you Aunt Cindy & Uncle John!
Even though I had started coughing a lot this morning & wasn't seeming to feel very well, mama said I was really good at lunch & well behaved."
"We went back to the condo to pick up Nana after lunch before heading to the park. We were finishing our trip to Disney today at the Magic Kingdom. When we got there Daddy took me riding on the race cars one last time & then we stopped for cool drinks (since it was hot in Orlando now!) We had dinner reservations with Pooh & Tigger at the Crystal Palace. It was well worth the long wait. The food variety was incredible & delicious, & I got to meet Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet & Eeyore. I was coughing so much tonight though that I threw up all my food at the dinner table. Mama took me to the nice Baby Changing station right next door & got me all fixed up. After dinner, they took me to the nurses' station to get some thermometers. I was running a fever still but acting normal otherwise."
"Though we were calling it a somewhat early night, we stayed to watch the Spectromagic parade (which we got a great standing place for as well! It was behind the castle on the other side of the bridge on the side of one of walkways. I'm sure that made plenty of sense to everyone, but I need to remember for next time! :) The parade was magical. I sat on Daddy's shoulders & loved every minute of it. My coughing had almost ceased & my tylenol had kicked in so I was feeling much better on that end."
"Mama & Daddy wanted to end the vacation with my favorite ride of the trip...Cinderella's Golden Carrousel. So, right after the parade, Daddy took us through a secluded pathway that was a shortcut to Fantasyland. We got there quickly & was able to ride the carousel several times; I waved to Nana really big each time we went around. Mama said that the expressions on my face while we rode the carousel were priceless & ones that she will cherish forever."

Day 11: Home
"Mama, Daddy & I left for the aiport around 10:30 this morning..Nana was flying out a couple of hours after us. Mama & Daddy were really worried about me because I was running a really high fever. I trick mama & daddy a lot because even when I'm not feeling well I still eat, drink & play. The only way they know I'm sick is if I'm running a fever or have other symptoms. At first, they were afraid we might not be able to fly home, but mama & daddy were able to bring my fever down with some medicine. I did great on the flight home & slept for about an hour of the 3 hour flight. Mama & Daddy were tired & not feeling too great when we got in, so we rested the remainder of the day. Daddy had to go to work the next day (well, if he got called in!) & mama had already decided to take me to the doctor on Monday. That's when we found out I had swine flu & pnemonia...mama & daddy had the flu too. You know the rest..but we are better now, thank goodness.
So....back to Disney...
Thank you Nana & Poppie for such a special & memorable trip! It couldn't have been more perfect! And thank you Aunt KK for helping us get there & all the hard work that went into planning it!" :)

Carrie's sidenote to remember for next time: Loved Extra Magic Hours...plan on taking advantage again next time. Virtually no or very short wait times...we fit in 5 rides in 2 hours one evening that you would typically wait 1 1/2 to 2 hrs for each one!!! See pics to remember standing locations for parades...great spots on most of those! Rainy days...go to park & find the indoor character greeting spot...more characters will be there as well as fewer people!!! Definitely take advantage of Fast Passes again! Baby station & first aid is right beside the Crystal Palace... wish I had known about that in December! Remember relaxing photo spot at Epcot by Nemo's ride. Also, loved rockers at city hall..good relaxing area! Additional notes to be added in scrapbook.

Words Parker started saying while at Disney: Poppie, "Oh Toodles!" (off of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! It sounds like Oh Oodles!), baby (started saying it when he was getting his diaper changed at the baby stations..he would point to the baby), button, "eek! Eek" (for what a monkey says)
Since Parker has been home, I have been amazed at how fast his vocabulary has started coming. Each day it seems as if he is saying something new! He asks to watch "Oh Oodles!" every morning & his Disneyworld videos. When the parts of the carousel & it's a small world come on he yells out, "ooh! Ooh! Mama!" to make sure that I see it. He also sqeals when certain characters come on the screen. I think potty training has taken a back burner...he seems to have slid backwards in that category since we left for the trip...but his verbal, cognitive & social skills have definitely taken a step up.

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