Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Disneyworld 2009 - Part 2

Warning: This is really long, so if Disneyworld, Disney Characters, Disney sights or anything "Disney" makes you nauseous...you might not want to read any further! :) I tried to keep it simple, but when you do so much & take so many pics, it makes the task a wee bit harder!

Day 3: Hollywood Studios & Magic Kingdom

Cute note from mom: Immediately after breakfast, Clay & I told Parker to go take his poop..which he will usually do on command in the mornings. Parker ran off to Nana & Poppie's room (the only room where there were no other occupants) shut himself in the closet, and came out about 2-3 minutes later. When we asked him if he had taken his poop, he proudly declared, "Yeah!" as he continued to run towards his desired destination. We were rolling because he just made the moment so comical!

Parker took a mid-morning nap and then we all had lunch at the resort. Afterwards, we rode the bus over to Hollywood Studios where our daytime adventures began!

Fun attractions we saw: "The Great Movie Ride" where we traveled through classic film scenes & Hollywood moments, "Toy Story Midway Mania" (a fun 4D game-playing ride! We loved this one!), "Rock n' Roller Coaster" starring Aerosmith (all the kids went on this one --Nana & Poppie watched Parker for us), & we even caught part of the big Block Party Bash!

We stayed for supper at the 50's Prime Time Cafe...

Waiting at the bus stop to head to the park!

"Who's ready to go to Disney?!"

Riding the toy story ride with my Aunt Ashleigh...don't worry Ashee, I can hit these things no problem!"
After a filling dinner at the Primetime Cafe with our server, Dale, who reprimanded us for not finishing our green beans :), we headed over to the Magic Kingdom via Monorail to see the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular Show on Main Street. It was perfect! We walked up right as it was starting! Magical, perfect & exciting are 3 words I would use to describe the show!
Parker enjoyed resting on his Daddy's shoulders as we watched the bright lights in the sky!
After the show, we etched through the crowds (literally!) to get across to some of the Extra Magic Hour Rides. It was a rough 20 minutes getting across the street, but once we did, the park was ours to enjoy!!
...need I say more about the lack of lines...it was wonderful! We even stayed on a couple of the rides to ride a second time because there were so few people waiting!

Parker was such a trooper with all the late night activities!
The decor & ambiance that Disney created for the Halloween & Fall festivities was amazing! I never grew tired of seeing it & taking more & more pics of it each day!

Day 4: Day at the resort
"Is it really necessary for Aunt Ashee & Aunt Lacey to go back to school & work? Am I not much cuter & more fun than those things?! Well, if you must go I might as well help you pack...but just so you know...I am not happy about it!" "Mama said that this picture of my aunts & me is one of her favorite & that she is going to blow it up & frame it for my bedroom."
"I was sad when Aunt Ashee & Aunt Lacey had to go home today, but luckily Aunt KK, Nana & Poppie kept us busy after we said our goodbye's. ...lunch at Planet Hollywood (well, I kinda slept through it but I'm sure everyone had a good time!)...down time at the condo...then dinner at T-Rex at Downtown Disney. It was cold outside today, otherwise we were going to go to the pool...about 57 degrees with chilly winds."
"I loved having dinner with Nana & Poppie & the others at T-Rex. We got to sit in the lava room which was fun..the walls were an icy cold blue & changed colors during the meteor shower every 20 minutes. Mama & Daddy walked me around the restaurant while we were waiting on our food to show me all the fish & dinosaurs! It was a fun evening!"

Day 5: Epcot & Magic Kingdom
I loved looking ahead & seeing Parker on his daddy's shoulders..so cute especially with the Tigger on his back!

We enjoyed our time at Epcot today; here are some of the things we did: Ellen's Energy Adventure, Mission Space, Lunch, Test Track, The Seas with Nemo & Friends, Soarin (twice! this was Carrie's favorite!), & Living with the Land.
**A fun peaceful spot that gets overlooked at this park is at the back of Epcot by "The Seas with Nemo & friends" where the Monorail passes through...It's a great photo opp! (see photo of Parker & Clay above..)
P.S. It was cold again today!
We left Epcot to enjoy dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern at Magic Kingdom, where Parker decided throwing his food on the floor throughout most of the dinner was a good idea.
Once again, we took advantage of later hours at the park & hit up Peter Pan, watched the fireworks from the back of the castle, rode the carousel 4 times (this was Parker's favorite ride of the trip!), Winnie the Pooh (such a cute ride...just wish it went a little slower to be able to enjoy it more!), Test Race Track (also another favorite of all the boys!), Dumbo, Buzz Lightyear & Space something..the one for adults that goes around like Dumbo! It was so nice to not have to wait in lines...note to self..THANKFUL for Extra Magic Hours!

Day 6: Golf for Poppie & Clay & Magic Kingdom
"While Poppie & Daddy enjoyed their golf day, Mama, Aunt KK, Nana & I went to the Magic Kingdom for some fun! We had lunch first...they even made mine look like Mickey Mouse! After eating my sandwich & some veggies, I got some ice cream in an ice cream cone! It was my first time to eat ice cream out of a cone, so it took me a few minutes to realize that I might like it! Mama said that I was one sticky little boy after I finished...maybe that's why she, Nana & Aunt KK took me to the bathroom to wash my hands, arms & hair!"
"One of the most fun times that I had at the park was getting to play in Pooh's play area! I went down a slide, visited Pooh's treehouse & crawled through tunnels. Mama said she was very proud of me because I waited patiently in line until it was my turn all by myself with no help!After playing here a bit, we visited Mickey's house in Toontown & had pics with Mickey & Minnie. I kept my hand in my mouth for most of these sets of pics; Mickey thought it was so cool that he put his hand in his mouth too so that we would look alike!"
One tired little boy...A favorite memory of mine was us sitting on the rockers by City Hall & watching the people coming in the park for "Mickey's Not-so-Scary Party." ...so relaxing! We waited on Clay & Poppie to arrive here & then changed into our Halloween gear.

Kaylee had made these adorable headbands for the two of us to wear; she also brought glitter spray which jazzed our hair up a bit too!
...and here comes Peter Pan!

Peter Pan getting autographs & pics with his arch-enemies...
The "Not-so-Scary Halloween Party" was such fun. Dinner at Pecos Bill, watching the Not-so-scary parade, viewing another firework show, seeing the parade again, trick-or-treating throughout the park, eating funnel cakes & watching the villain show at the front of the castle...all fun times!

Our prime spot for watching the parade (the second time around!) :)

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