Thursday, November 5, 2009

summary of last week... p.s. we're better!

Just an update: We're all well & no longer sick with pnemonia or swine flu! Yea! I quit running a fever about mid-week last week, but Parker & Clay took a little bit longer to heal. For those of you who have called to inquire about the whole swine flu thing...I was more worried for Parker's sake than mine & clay's (especially since Parker also had pnemonia). My symptoms weren't too bad..just tired with a fever & achy. Clay on the other hand had naseau along with a fever that lasted much longer than mine (even on constant medication). Parker's symptoms were mainly coughing & fever. So, was it absolutely terrible? No. Mostly like any other common viral or bacterial infection you would get but with just a little bit more severity. We took extra precautions with Parker & slept in his room at nights to be able to check his breathing & make sure all was normal.
We were basically indoors through Saturday..with a couple of outings in between. What did we do to amuse ourselves? Oh, don't you worry; we had plenty of things keeping us busy! ha!

Parker of course LOVED playing with his new race car set..thank you again Tressa!!!

...and Daddy came up with the creative drum set in our kitchen one evening!

...and there was the constant taking of temps around our home (it seemed like every other hour on the hour!)...Parker had fun with it though..."Nope, not there Parker."
"Now, that's about right!"
...and then of course the usual day-to-day "ways to keep mama busy since she has nothing to do" activities ;)
I even got this sudden urge to clean & purge over the, my closet was first. Two heaping garbage bags & a few hours later, my closet was much lighter! (much to my husband's delight! he was thrilled when he saw items from highschool & my early college years being put in the Goodwill bag! ha! ...more on that later...)
...oh, & of course Parker helped.
Saturday evening, we got together with some friends, Jimmy & Sharise, for a few hours of fun. Say hello to Superman & Peter Pan!
That about sums up our activities for last week...with the exception of 2 grocery runs.
We're happily in a new week with new plans!
Remember to wash those hands, to sanitize things when you go out in public & to take your vitamins!!! :)
Happy Thursday!


Jami said...

So good to hear that you guys are all feeling better! And just look at all that productivity that resulted from being home sick and bored :) Great disney pics and narrative.... so when will the scrapbook be done?!

valerie said...

Absolutely LOVE the Peter Pan costume!! And ALL the clever pics you take!