Thursday, November 12, 2009

treat bag toppers

Fun way to dress up goodie bags...treat bag toppers! The original idea came from Becky her!! She has such neat homemaking tips & ideas; plus, Becky is a terrific scrapbooker! Her style is simple & clean...her work always stands out by the creative layout and/or the one or two timeless embellishments she adds to her pages.

Presentation really is everything, so I will be using this idea for my future "goodie bags!" I think about how often I'm giving out happies for gatherings, birthdays, the holidays, baby gifts, etc...bag toppers are my new favorite thing! :)

I made my treat bag toppers with a piece of cardstock that I had on hand & 2 stamps! I smudged the sides with a distress ink, then just stapled the cardstock to the bag...took less than 10 minutes to put together! Simple thing, yet it really adds a lot to the overall look of the cookie bag! (You could do these with Ziploc snack bags or sandwich bags or whatever you have on hand...the bags don't have to have a top that closes..mine didn't. These were bags I already had on hand from Stampin' Up from several years back.)

{The yummy chocolate chip cookies are from my Nanny's (my mom's mom) recipe box.}


Jami said...

Love this idea!!

valerie said...

Carrie J.Nolen - you are just TOO smart!! Love your ideas!!