Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful for...


Food on our table
precious memories made...
Our Thanksgiving this year was bittersweet. Missing loved ones who weren't able to be with us this year at the Thanksgiving table, but cherishing the moments we had with others who were present. I don't know about you, but I love Thanksgiving. I love what it means and stands for. I love the colors. I love the delicious food (oh, the dressing & pecan pie! mmmm..) I love the crisp, fall weather that Thanksgiving brings. I love the family and friends we get to see during the holiday. I love the memories that are made, as well as the many memories remembered during this time. I am thankful for the holiday itself and how it brings people together at one table during such a busy time of the year.

Parker and I flew down to Grenada, MS the Sunday morning before Thanksgiving. We spent a glorious 8 days in the South visiting and living it up with friends and family!!! We're always so spoiled when we go down there! :) I have to be honest...I was a terrible photographer this last week and am ashamed that I didn't get some of the pictures that I should have with family members. However, I have forgiven myself and promised myself that I will do better next year!! I am thankful I captured some of the fun and sweet memories that I did though!!

Playing football in the front yard, going on leisurely neighborhood strolls, playing one afternoon with Case (Parker's little buddy), going through and finding some of my old children's books for Parker to read, playing Rumikub at night with mama, visiting our family & friends, watching Abbey (my brother, Taylor's dog) run around and chase things in the yard...that was one of Parker's highlights, having Thanksgiving dinner at the Penders...thank you Anne & Buddy! (I must remember to get the dressing & potato casseroles recipes!), talking to my grandparents about family history stuff, watching Christmas movies, observing Parker finding and playing with my brother's old tractor and other intricate toys that Taylor played with when he was Parker's age, sleeping in my old bed with the fan on (I still have my old t-shirt sheets from highschool on there!), sweeping leaves off the front porch with Parker, seeing the joy that Parker got from sitting in the fire truck, wearing the fireman's hat and sounding the sirens like the big guys do while visiting Granddaddy and the others in Oxford, watching Parker sit contentedly in Papa's lap while he plays with his little trucks over at Grannie and Papa's, hearing our little man rolling on the floor with laughter at his cousin Collin who had been chasing him around the floor, seeing old things that I had forgotten I had in my room in Grenada, finding Shorty pushing my happy son around in this old wheelbarrow all the while clutching his stars and stripes football, and listening to my mom read to Parker...these are some of the memories from this Thanksgiving that will never be forgotten and always be cherished.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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