Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's "December-time!"

Yesterday, after flying in from the South, we decided it was time to pack away our fall decor & get out our Christmas goodies! Parker enjoyed helping us hang ornaments on the tree (when he wasn't playing with them!) until the super glue incident.

We had left a small tube of super glue sitting out on the counter & Parker decided to grab it & bite into it. Clay & I didn't think he had gotten any on him until a few seconds later Parker was fussing and we noticed super glue had started gushing out the back of the tube...he had bitten a hole in it. Clay fervously worked on his upper tooth that did the main biting & his upper lip, while I soaked his 2 little fingers that were glued together. Meanwhile, the Poison Control said that everything was fine...no worry over him swallowing the stuff...as long as his fingers come apart. 10 minutes & a quarter of bottle of nail polish remover later, the worst of it was over....his fingers were free! Poor little guy. By the time that whole fiasco was done, we decided dinner out sounded like a nice plan. :)

Last year for Christmas, Parker received Elf on the Shelf. I was excited to start the tradition with him this year. We haven't named little elfie yet, but here he sat waiting for Parker to notice him this morning!!
More Christmas fun to follow soon!

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