Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa came!!!

It was an exciting & special Christmas morning for all of us...Parker did exactly what we thought he would do when he woke up & saw a bunch of new toys that were sitting out underneath the tree. He was awestruck & excited all at the same time. He kept running over to Santa's snack plate, pointing to the crumbs & jabbering about how there was no more food or milk!! Parker went back & forth between toys playing with one & then the other. He did receive his football that he asked for...and played with it all day! Our little man kept running around the house shouting, "Football! Football!" He would then throw it at us & want us to play catch!

The Fisher Price Little People airport was a huge hit; it was the first thing that caught his eye this morning. He enjoyed moving the airplanes & cars along the tracks & making the sweet humming noises for the engines. It was a joy to watch him play so "seriously" with his new toy!

Clay & Parker built a fort & a sitting chair out of the Classic Red Bricks that Santa brought to Parker. Parker loved knocking them down as much as he enjoyed building.

His stocking was filled with goodies such as toy trucks, cars & airplanes, a little boat for his bath, 101 Dalmations, 2 Christmas books, a creative playdough set, a bouncy ball & a few other neat things.

Clay & I were thrilled that Santa left some "much needed" items as well. A new snowsuit was laid out for Parker to try on (since we found out a few weeks ago that his one from last year no longer worked well since his arms & legs have outgrown the outfit! imagine that!) Also, Santa knew that potty training would be starting soon, so he was gracious enough to leave a potty seat for our toddler! Parker wanted to sit on it a lot today while he was playing. :)

A few other goodies were left under the tree for our little man as well. Oh, & please don't think Santa forgot mama & daddy. In Clay's stocking was ammunition for Clay's gun (how did Santa know he was getting one of those?!), a light for the gun, candy, a new spatula for the kitchen :), a beanie (hat) to keep his head warm in winter & a few other treasures. In Carrie's stocking was a new Christmas book, candy & some cute reindeer napkin ring holders that will adorn the kitchen table next year!

Thank you Santa for all our fun toys & new playthings! They will be lovingly used!

We had a wonderful morning playing together & hanging out in our home as a family! I'm so thankful that Clay was able to be at home to enjoy it with us! (We are under a winter storm warning/blizzard conditions through this weekend so I'm not sure exactly how his flights will go. Please pray for safe travel for him & all the other people flying over the next several days.)

I'll be back tomorrow with more special memories to show! :) Thank you for caring!

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