Monday, December 28, 2009

Polar Express & Pj's!!!

Saturday morning, the Mall of America was doing a free family movie showing of The Polar Express. I was excited to take Parker on this special date! After I dressed him in his festive Christmas pj's, packed his snuggly reindeer & snacks, we were headed off to the mall by 9am! The theater provided booster seats for the kids & all in all just a nice, relaxed environment. Parker watched in awe for the first few minutes, then wanted to crawl in my lap. After about 30 minutes he got a little fidgity, so I asked him if he wanted a snack...that got his attention. ha! I handed over his little snack container, he crawled back into his own seat, & until the end of the movie, was just like any other kid in there munching on his treats like it was popcorn and his curious eyes glued to the movie screen.
We had such a fun time, & after the movie we even got to shop a few stores with the after-Christmas sales! The hustle & bustle of the mall was amazing when we left...much different than when we arrived early that morning.

I love how even this random guy calling Parker's name, while trying to take our picture, couldn't get our little guy's attention off of the big screen! At least now I know it's not just me!!! ha!

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