Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas Eve Together

Our memorable holiday together all started out early Christmas Eve morning when Parker was asking to get out of his crib at 6am to play with his "bike" & "Moo Moo" (cow). He has learned how to turn his light on in the room from his crib (several months ago actually), so when he's ready to get up he just turns on the light & says, "Mom! I want down!" (He then repeats that until I go in there to get him out. :)

After we were all up & going, we started the day with a Breakfast Casserole. Afterwards, Parker happily played with his new toys from Santa. I wanted to get pictures of Parker in one of Clay's Christmas outfits that he had worn as a boy, so that was next on the agenda. So thankful that Clay was there to help with the entertainment portion of this. There is no way I would have gotten a decent picture from that photo shoot if Clay hadn't been at my assistance!!! Parker was wanting to do everything but stand by the tree & smile. ha! I think I took about 60 pictures to get about 5 good ones! ...glad I did though! :)

Next, it was time to open a few presents...Parker enjoyed this! Clay & I were so excited that he got into it this year! He made some of the cutest expressions. The only problem was trying to take his attention away from the last present he had opened to move on to unwrap the next gift!!! I think it would be safe to say that Clay & I enjoyed watching Parker unwrap his gifts more than the recipient did himself!!! We couldn't wait for him to tear into the next one! ha! ha!

"Hmmm, I wonder what this one is?"

We opened just a few before it was lunchtime & naptime for Parker. Clay & I were pleased with alternating activities in between gift opening this year; it worked well with the little man! He could enjoy each of the gifts more as he opened each one.
While Parker was napping, Clay & I peeked in a few of our presents. The hour that we had together was so relaxing. We sipped on hot cider, (I munched on a few delicious gingersnap cookies!!!) visited with Nana & Poppie, & leisurely opened several of our gifts. It was perfect!
After Parker woke up, we opened a few more presents then headed out to the thick, fluffy snow for some fun. (Just so you know, we did sooo much better getting ourselves ready & out the door than our last snow day...there was actually no griping or fighting!!! Yes! ;)
What started out as an half an hour to hour outing, evolved into about 2 1/2 hours of good solid fun romping & running around in the snow!!! Initially, Parker was not fond of the "white stuff;" I think he was a little scared of it. After this playtime outdoors though, he thinks snow is the next best thing to running around in his birthday suit at home...comfortable & freeing!!! ha!

I made a snow angel...and admired the beauty of God's powder...
Each time we took Parker up the "bunny hill" for sledding he got more & more confident & asked to go again! By the end of the day, he did a downhill run on the little sled all by himself & loved it!
Parker's new snowsuit & snow boots earned the stamp of approval! It kept him toasty, dry & comfortable!

We built a snowman...our first one of the season. While we were building it, Clay & I taught Parker how to eat snow. (We didn't teach him as pictured below...our method was rolling fresh snow in a ball & crunching on the snow ball. He obviously preferred his method of just planting his face in the snowman & licking away!!!) I was sad because my battery went dead before I could get a completed shot of our Frosty! Clay shaped him & made him look round & cute! Impressive!

After dark, we headed home for supper & more gift opening. I made hot chocolate & gave some to Parker to try. He sipped on it a little, but I don't think he was as excited about his "first treat of hot chocolate" as I was! ha! It was early to bed for us that evening. With smiles on our faces & snuggled warm under our sheets, we drifted off to dreamland thanking God for our special day together!

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