Friday, December 18, 2009

birthday party, cookie decorating, haircuts & more!!!

Here's a small glimpse of our's been a very busy one, so tonight we're enjoying Daddy being at home & having a family movie night!

Cookie Decorating Party at Kindercare...that icing was so light & delish!
It took Parker a little time to get the knack of it...getting the sprinkles on the cookie that is...

The finished results...yyummm...Parker wasn't much into eating the cookie so Clay & I helped him with that! ;)
Another much needed haircut...Parker totally relaxes when he climbs into the chair at Kid's Hair. He has a little playtime with the toys that Sarah gives him & then about halfway through (just 3 minutes later), you think he's about to konk out -mouth is hanging open, head slowly dropping as he goes to his complete relaxed state!
Playtime at home on the "it's-below-2 degrees-outside-so-we-can't-go-out-to-play" days. Being the cutie that he is! :)
Birthday Party time! Happy Birthday Bella! Parker's friend Bella turned two this last weekend so we had an all out bash at their house on Sunday afternoon & evening. The Kirkpatricks have an entire bottom floor (that is the size of their house on the main floor) dedicated to playthings & a play area for Bella & her much fun! The kids all loved it! The played their hearts out ALL afternoon & evening until bedtime. As a matter of fact, the group of 6 2 year olds did so good, that the mom & dad's decided to let them play all the way until bedtime!!!
We are already looking forward to our next playdate at Bella's!!!

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