Monday, December 21, 2009

storytime with our little reindeer!

We are loving this precious pj set for Christmastime (thanks Rassie!). It is so soft & comfortable...and super cute! I have been wanting to get pics of him in it for weeks night right before bedtime last week & early one morning before breakfast I was able to snag a few A+ ones!!! Looking at them just make me smile! :)

This first picture shows an important part of our bedtime routine...storytime. Usually, each night right before bedtime Parker will go pick out a book that he wants his daddy or me to read to him. He'll climb up in our laps in the recliner & we'll sit, rock & read! This month, he got an early birthday gift from his Rassie...a comfy red chair from Pottery Barn...a chair that is just right for him! It sits right beside our Christmas tree next to his little basket of books. In addition to sitting in our laps & us reading to him, he wants to sit in his new chair beside the Christmas tree & pick out his own Christmas story to read. We have to sit on the floor right next to him to talk with him about the pictures & fun things....but he has to hold his own book in his own chair & point out things to us. ;)
One of my favorite memories of this Christmas season is Parker getting to enjoy some of my childhood Christmas books...that my mom & dad used to read to my brother & me. I love watching his fingers turn through the pages inquisitively.

Tonight Clay, Parker & I had a delicious dinner at a friend's house. It was wonderful just getting to visit with friends next to Christmas tree lights & fun decorations while the children played & had a good time.
It is late now...Parker is down for the evening, Clay is starting a movie that he checked out, & I am headed to the kitchen to bake my last batch of breads for gifts to be delivered tomorrow! Have a warm & fabulous evening! :)

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