Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Dear Santa, we are ready for your visit..."

Tonight we prepared for Santa to come pay us a visit...first, we read "The Night Before Christmas," then we put out snacks for Santa & his reindeer....carrots & cookies..Yum! Parker helped Clay count the carrots...

...then couldn't figure out why he wasn't allowed to eat the fun snack in front of him!!! "Santa, there are only a few nibbled places gone; I checked it to make sure it was just right for you! I do apologize if there are a few sprinkles missing though!"
Next we poured the milk...
" ...time to write Santa my letter!!! Daddy helped me sign my name..."
Lastly, we threw magic reindeer food off of the balcony to make sure Santa knew exactly where to find us in this big building. The snow is still sparkling below us!!!

"Dear Santa, I've been a good boy this year. I did as mama & daddy told me to (most of the time). I didn't fuss or whine too much and I played well with others. I ate my fruit & vegetables (and just about anything else that was put in front of me at the table!) and put away my toys when asked to. I traveled really well when we road in cars, buses, trains & airplanes.

Mama did ask at the beginning of the year for me to just sleep a little bit more & I have been so good in doing that. I cuddle with my family members when they need hugs & kisses, & I go straight to bed when it is time. Brushing teeth is fun to do...throwing away trash, mopping & vacuuming too! I try to be neat (most days); however, I am a boy, so forgive me if I messed up a time or two.

Trucks, airplanes, bikes & cars are some of my favorite things. When mama & daddy ask what I really want for Christmas though, I say a "Football." Please bring me one. Oh, how I would love that so!

Your snacks are out...put together on your special plate with love. We read our story about your visit & even threw the special reindeer food out over our balcony so you would know exactly where to find us.

Thank you dear Santa, for taking time to visit me this year. I hope you & the reindeer have a warm flight over. We aren't expecting blizzard conditions until Wednesday evening, so you should be good to go until then! Oh, & thank you for making special arrangements to fly down early for us this year. Daddy would have been so sad if he couldn't see the excitement & light in my eyes on Christmas morning when I saw all of my new & exciting toys.
Good night, Santa. Thank you again."
Parker Nolen
P.S. Daddy says that the winds are coming from the south, so your better option would definitely be to fly in directly from the North. ...just to make your job a little easier :)

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