Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"miss you daddy!" love, parker

"I love my Daddy."
"My daddy can make me laugh like no other."

"My dad is the coolest; he lets me wear his pilot's hat sometimes."

"My daddy teaches me new things every day. I love it when we go on outside adventures!"
"My daddy lifts me up..."

"But most of all, I love it when my daddy comes home from work to play with me. I get a little playtime (even if it's my bedtime) & lots of snuggles & kisses! It makes me so happy to be with my Daddy."
"I love you Daddy! Mama & I miss you & wish you were here with us! Thank you for working so hard for us! Mama says to eat healthy & catch up on rest in between flights! We'll see you soon!"
Your little man

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