Monday, September 10, 2012

"my mom will be back very very soon!!!"

"Whoa. Has it seriously been almost a month since my mom has updated you guys about our lives? I am soooo going to tell her to get with it and post some pictures of her two adorable angels so that you can see how much I've we've grown! (In her defense though, I think she said something about our computer crashing and her not having a computer or internet access for like 3 weeks after her last post...hmmm...maybe that was the reason she seemed a little distraught that day.) Well, luckily for her, we've been keeping her pretty busy so she would not be too sad about the computer. As a matter of fact, I think that we got that thing back about a week ago and I am fairly sure we have filled her hours with waaaay more fun stuff than blogging! Well, fun stuff for most of those hours anyway. Hey, I can't claim to be a perfect angel all of the time...that's what my cuteness is supposed to come in handy for!"

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