Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gooseberry Falls

Following a quick, curbside lunch of beef jerkey, granola bars and bananas, we drove down the road to Gooseberry Falls.

What used to serve as an area for logging as well as commercial and recreational fishing, was authorized for preservation in 1933. Campgrounds, trails and picnic areas, stone and log buildings were all set up at Gooseberry Falls after the North Shore tourism became more popular through the early to mid 20th century. The series of rushing waterfalls that move through eroded basalt lava and flows out into Lake Superior, is considered the "true centerpiece of the park." 

Clay and I were discussing several weeks ago how we cannot imagine what the falls look like now, after the recent flooding of Duluth and surounding areas. Areas that we walked just days before, would now be completely unrecognizable to the same eye. Click here to see pictures of the Lower, Middle and Upper falls after the June 20 flooding.

We enjoyed our one and a half hour jaunt to see the trio of waterfalls, all the while keeping a close hold on our boys and wishing for more time for exploration at this state park. As we headed away from the falls and back to our starting point, we stopped to let the boys play in a interesting cave by the riverbank. I think this, by far, topped as "coolest attraction at Gooseberry Park" for our little men. Parker and Cooper both happily explored the small open area as much as our freedom for them allowed.

As mentioned before, the ride back towards downtown Duluth proved to be as photo-worthy as the drive up old Highway 61. After a little pleading, dear hubby even agreed to pull the car over a few times so I could get out and capture some landmarks that made me smile.

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