Friday, September 28, 2012

these boys love to ham it up!

These two have been hammin' it up lately...who I am kidding? They are always hammin' it up! Each day, Clay and I find ourselves laughing and smiling at their little antics, words and expressions. It seriously seems to get funnier by the day. I am not quite sure why, but these last 7, 8, 9 months or so, I find myself just itching to not miss a second with these guys. They are growing up so big so fast!! It's like I am missing them already and they are not even gone. Ridiculous, right?
We have been garage sale-in it this week...selling, not buying. :) Our street has been one big variety store of deals! I am not used to holding garage sales on weekdays, but I quickly found out after moving to Minnesota that Thursday's are the biggest and best days for yard sales in this state. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do!" Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week, we, along with 4 other neighbors, are combining forces and getting rid of stuff!!!! It feels great! This is my 3rd or 4th garage sale to participate in this year; I actually did not have a lot of items left to sale in this one, but I thought why not? I was excited today when I sold enough to pay for an entire grocery trip for us!! (Well, when I say excited, I mean I squealed and hugged my neighbor, jumped up and down a few times and danced a slight jig.) And, while the kids are napping in the afternoon, I am steadily going through paper stuff and throwing out, so I am killing two birds with one stone. Love it! Happy Happy girl!

Cooper: after naptime.
Sunglasses on upside down? Check.
"Moo. Moo!" book? ("Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can you?" by Dr. Seuss) Check.
"B"? (aka paci) Check.
"Kee Kee"? (aka blankie) Check.
Goldfish? Check.
Happy Boy? Check. Check.
 LOVE these boys so much!!! They both came in for the night with brown, dirty toes and fingers, smudges on their noses and sticky marshmallow on their hands...which was followed with a warm shower, pj's and storytime. These two happy little tots fell fast asleep I am sure dreaming of all the fun adventures they plan on having with the neighbors and all the "cool stuff" tomorrow. Now it is off to bed for me! My doors will be open bright and early at 7am! :)

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